September 13, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Huebsch

They have taken my son away from me!

Sad day, as it turns out despite all expectations of staying in my area another trasfer, I have been kicked out! We had transfers last saturday and I have been moved to a new area. Now I am in an area called Parque Liceo, the northern part of Cordoba, with an elder Huebsch (he is from idaho, but his name is very german, it is pronounced hip-shhhh)(how or why? no idea) But yeah, no one expected for that change to happen, that I was moved here in this new area, but I am excited for the oppritunity. We should have some good work to do here. (they have baptized 8 in the last 2 transfers!) I am A bit sad to leave my son in our area, but I guess there is a reason for it. That has definitly been the biggest change here in the week. I havent gotten to know my new area yet, im a bit lost here, but since I have a bit more experience, I should be able to get a hold of things a bit easier. I dont know a whole lot about my new comp either, ill get back to you all on that in a week or so :)

I had a bit of a sweet experience saying goodbye to some of the members in the old area. The Girl that I baptized, Morena, we went to go visit them. As we talked to them, exchanged gifts, joked around, we finally had to leave and say goodbye. As we said our goodbyes, i really felt happy, a genuine happiness. we said goodbye, Morena, her sister, her mother, all of them were crying (i did my best to stay manly) and I really felt sad to leave them. Their lives changed completely because of my actions. I had never really felt like that before in my mission. To see someone happy, truely happy, and It was becuase I had the privlege to present the gospel to them. it was a beautiful experience I dont think that Ill forget soon.

the week itself was a little bit slow, there wasnt too much to do, dispite working a lot. I felt like I ate a ton of food though. I had been suffering the past couple of weeks from my acid reflux, but after a course of medicine, Im doing fine now. But I had to skip out on some lunches and big meals, so I guess the past week i have been catching up on eating! haha, but I should try to hold back a bit now since eating too much is what caused me to feel sick in the first place!

adjusting to all of the changes in the mission have been a little different though, A couple of things that are different, but I mentioned the changes last week. They should all be there.

Well, I hope that everyone at home is doing well and is having a good time with school and work. It is warming up here, so, no more jackets until next winter... Enjoy the cold while it is there!


Elder Z


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