September 6, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Leon

I hate mondays again...

Yes, I am about a day late, and I guess that itll be like this until the end of the mission. We got a call from our zone leaders right before bedtime on thursday night. They had their monthly meeting with president correa that day, and so we could tell that they were going to tell us somthing big. As it turns out, President has changed a couple of rules in the mission. One, p days are on tuesdays now. two, no more disney movies :(. and three, no more bowling. (which isnt too bad, but this week we had plans to go bowling, so it kinda ruined our planes... I mean, they arent super big changes, but pdays will never be the same! we are going to have to actually focus on being productive missionaries and all on preparation days! how terrible, right?

but Yeah, yesterday was a bit wierd, sunday too, since we werent used to having to work on mondays. Ill get used to it though.

We had a big breakthrough with one of our investigators! Raul, who we have been working with for a very long time, has always struggled to go to church. He wants to be baptized, he even says to his friends when they ask him what religeon he is that he is Mormon. The only thing that he lacked was to go to church! his work had always gotten in the way, but things recently changed and now he has a way to go to church on sundays! So, he went to church on sunday, and even felt that he shouldve given his testimony, but he wasnt sure if he could. So, he is progressing.

On the other hand, we did have a better week than last, we are trying to work hard and help and teach people, but it is hard when some people dont complete with their invitations to act. (or when we set up an appointment, and then they arent there!) I have to be greatful for the people that are truely willing to act and change their lives. i know for some people it can be wierd that two guys in ties and white shirts are telling you to be baptized after getting to know them for a good 20 mintues, but at least I know the blessing that these people can recieve if they just act! There are many people in this world who always just asume, that see something odd, and thus it is wrong. but, everything that we share is a message from God to his children, and how could that be wrong?

Things here are going well though, next week we have transfers, but im very very sure that ill be staying here to finish training my kid. (unless something really wierd happens...) I love and miss you all and hope that everything is going well :) good luck with school and work and doing nothing if that is what you do!


Elder Z


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