August 23, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Leon

I feel like half of my sole is missing.... ;D


yeah, half of the sole of a pair of my shoes fell off, so, i had to go buy new shoes today. they were a little bit pricy, but they are worth it, since i dont want to have to buy new shoes for the rest of my mission. and then I was going to buy new pants, but then I forgot to bring them with me to centro.. so thatll come next week or something. As far as the rest of the week went, we had ups and downs, miracles and disapointments, im just glad I made it to the end of the week! The weather is really really nice though right now, the mornings are a little chilly, days a little warm, (but not too much) and I am loving the work as it is!

this week I did an intercambio with our new district leader, elder Lopes, from brazil. Honestly, it was pretty fun to be with a brasilero again. they have so much energy and they are a ball to work with. We had some good lessons, and a meeting with our ward mission leader. One investigator that we have is progressing really really well! I do believe i mentioned Luis last week, and we have already almost taught him all the lessons, the only thing is that he didnt go to church since he slept waaaaaaay in on sunday. (he got home at 5 in the morning, and forgot that it was sunday....) but that is ok! he wants to get baptized, so we have to do everything we can so he can understand why!

We had a new investigator approach us durning monday night. we were waiting for the bus, and Roman came up to us and asked if we were elders, of course we said yes, and then he told us that he wanted us to come to his house! He is from peru and recently moved here with his family, he went to church there (or the activities) and liked them a lot and he is looking for good friends, (his words are amigos sanos, or healthy friends, so we thought, what is a better healthy friend than a mormon friend!) So we are working with him and his family to teach them the gospel and help him grow his young family.

Sunday I gave a talk in church about missionary work. Well, it was more about the talk by David Mconkey in the october 2013 general confernce. it is titled Teaching with power and authority from God. As I read and pondered the message in this talk, I realized more than just teaching the gospel that will change peoples lives, but living the gospel is what gives us the power to show and teach people. Real power comes from testimony, and testimony comes from living a principle of the gospel. if we read in 2 nephi chapter 33, you might see what i am talking about. live the gospel, gain a testimony, recieve power, share what you have gained, change lives, live up to your potential as a child of God! I wish I could have expressed this idea in spanish, but the members here gave me nods of approval and understanding, so, Im confident it went well.

Not too much else this week, but things are going well, I have a new pair of shoes, so ill be rocking those preaching the gospel in the streets of cordoba for the next while:)


Elder Z


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