August 15, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Leon

Another week down, and God answers prayers

I am getting used to this whole father thing... I think, well, we will see how well i have it down when i am done training Elder Leon. haha but definitly, I am improving has a trainer. THis week, we had a lot of meetings in the mornings, a lot of work in the afternoons, but it was all worth it!

Starting with this meeting we had, a zone conference, where we were blessed with a visit from the Area President, so it was a plesent opritunity to hear from him and recive help from him in how we can improve in the mission. The area president is named elder texdera and he is from portugal. But this meeting was wednesday, and right the next day, we had a zone meeting, which was pretty normal and down to earth. Not as spiritually high as listening to the area president speak! I did learn a lot out of the two meetings that we had.

During the week, we did a lot of work trying to talk to everyone in the streets, trying to get more appointments, and right now we are working a lot with members trying to get references from them and also gaining their trust. Though, talking to people on the street hasnt proved too effective lately, that is another reason to focus on members. Though, during the week, we had one contact that was one of the best ive ever had! there was a man sitting on the side of the street. This day was thursday, and I was fasting this day too. I saw him and decided to start talking to him. He told us that he had read the book of mormon before, but didnt think that joseph smith could be a prophet. as we continued talking to him, we found out that he hadnt read the book of mormon but rather a pamflet of jose smith! we showed him a book of mormon, and imediatly said, Oh! i didnt know that was the book of mormon, I need to repent and read this book!´´ (relativly his words exactly) but he is progressing well, reading the book of mormon, and he said his couriosity keeps growing to keep reading and know more. He has a baptismal date for the 3rd of september, So i am pretty sure he is our next baptism! (hashtag: ILoveWhenFastsWork!)

Other than Luis (the man I just talked about) we havent had too many other people progressing. We do have another man who has been listening to the missionarys for a long time, but never could be baptized because of his work (works during church) but we had a lesson with him a couple days ago and we asked him to pray to be able to change his work situation. and then the next lesson, the first thing he said was, ´´ I have some great news! I dont work sunday mornings now! now I can go to church!´´ So, little by little, we have more and more people to baptize!

Im doing pretty well though, I am doing my exercises faithfully, eating realativly well, and as I have been given this calling to be a trainer, I can really feel the spirit guiding me as I go about the day, even more than before! Everyday I wonder what I can do to be an example to my kid, and everyday I pray for guidance, and in the strangest ways, and in the smallest ways, God provides for us a way to progress and to serve even more! I am growing a lot in my testimony of that.

But I hope that You all are doing well, enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer vacation right? (it is almost over right? how fast that the weeks went by!) I miss you all and hope for the best!


Elder Z

and finally, I have some photos for you guys :)


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