August 8, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Leon

First week with the kid

The week really flew by for me, i dont really know how it went by so fast. We had a lot of success and a lot of great experiences, and at the end of the week too, we baptized! Starting off with my new son, mi hijo, his name is elder León! my son is from chile, and luckly speaks spanish already. haha i am very glad for that, and it has helped me out a couple times already when people are using words that I dont know. but, he is from puerta montt near the bottom of chile. It is pretty cold down there but at the least it is warming up here. He is 21 years old, and is ready to work and baptize! I mean, we did already baptize, so, he is doing what we came here to do!

Speaking of the baptism, we baptized a girl we have been working with for the past week and a half, her name is Morena. Just recently her aunt came to church with her, and we talked with her and she said that she wanted to be baptized, so who are we to deny her! the baptism saturday went really well, she had invited all of her family and extended family. i had the pleasure of baptizing her, and so really, we have the fire already going so that we can baptize in the next couple of weeks again!

Wednesday was a pretty fun day. Starting off the training, we had to go to the mission office in order to be trained in how to be a trainer. It was very funny because Dos Santos was there doing the training, so, a year ago, he was there too learning how to train! Later that day, after a really good lunch (the new missionaries and trainers get the chance to eat lomitos, but really good ones!) and then we had the famous trainer-trainiee circle where we all gather in a circle, and president starts off reading the names of the newbiees, and then one by one, asignes the trainers to them. I wasnt expecting to get elder Leon as my kid, but im ok with it :)

so far, the training experience has been kinda wierd. I havent really know what to do, as in, what to teach, but i think I am getting the hang of it. slowly but surely, I think my kid is learning. I really try to take every opritunity to teach him something that will stick with him. I do feel like the spirit is guiding me little by little in order to help him as much as I can. I know it is a slow process, I mean, I do have 12 weeks to train him!

There isnt much else for this week, we have some people that are progressing and we are working a ful in order to get them to progress. Ill keep you all updated on who is progressing and who is not!

Miss ya all!


Elder Z

(sorry for no photos this week, not at a computer that takes my micro SD card :( )


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