August 1, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Card


To start off this letter, I have some rather sad news, and happy news. This saturday 2 things happened. One, my comp was transfered out of the area. He only had a transfer here, but, I guess that he was supposed to go somewhere else! On another note, I also learned That I am going to be a father. This kinda happened unexpecantly, and I know what you all are thinking, how on earth did this happen? I dont really know either what happened. When they called me, I was shocked, but at the same time, I saw how awesome it is going to be. I dont know who his mother is, or where he is coming from, all I know is that he is being born on the 3rd of this month. In fact, I am going to see him on wednesday. I have even been thinking of taking him in while I am here, raising him, showing him how the mission is. So yeah, I am going to be picking my son up at the mission home wednesday about after noon!

If you are still confused, I am going to be training!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Litterally did not expect at all that I would be training, but I guess that the lord is sure that I am ready! (it is that, or my trainer who is AP right now just wants to see his grandson before he dies) I have know idea who it will be or where he is from, but I will get to know him starting on wednesday!

As far as the week went, almost baptized. Our investigator isaac as it turns out doesnt want to get baptized! We had the baptismal service completely ready to go saturday, and then midday saturday he gives us a call and tells us that he doesnt want to get baptized. it is pretty sad that he doesnt want to do it, and that he really doesnt want much to do with religeon right now. I am sure that someday in the future he will be baptized.

On the other hand, we met a girl in a family that is part member, and she is going to be baptized this next week! Her name is Morena, about 11 years old, and she is very very excited to be baptized! she is reading a childrens copy of the book of mormon and is already on page 100 by now. She loves it! we will be working a lot with her this week to get her in the water si o si!

I am going to miss my last companion. It has been a really good couple of weeks and I have learned a lot. I havent had to focus on the problems with my companion, and I have been able to think of what really matters. Now that I have someone to train, Ill need that little bit of experience to make sure that everything goes the way that the lord wants it to go.

I am nervous of course, to be introducing someone into the mission is something rather big, and great deal. I just hope my efforts will be enough to put this kid on the right path.

well for now, I dont really have to much else to say, for now, that is what I have been thinking of and focusing on. The past two days especially. Ill be sure to let you all know how the son is!


Elder Z


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