July 25, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Card

The Lord Gets me to do things His way

The end of the week, saturday, sunday, they are always pretty stressful days here on the mission. These days we have baptisms, Rushing to get people to church, Putting everything in order. Very rarely, it seems, that a saturday goes flawlessly in the mission. I suppose that is what happened this week. But not to say the week wasnt great, because it was pretty dang good! Our new Ward mission leader told me though, If we work all week, and dont do everything that people can get to church saturday, what was the week worth? I guess Ill change that up a little bit, in that if we extend so many invitations during the week to people to do things, and dont follow up, there is a very low chance that us humans will follow through.

So yeah, Saturday was a pretty slow day, we did have one great lesson to start off the day, but the rest of the day, everything else fell through! (about 8 appointments!) We also had plans all week so that our investigator Isacc could get baptized on sunday. Saturday I guess that he didnt feel sure about it. No baptism quite yet, but reflecting on what is happening in his life, he isnt quite ready. Though, we do feel that he is making progress, and maybe in the next couple of weeks, he will be baptized!

This week, something quite sad happened to me... there are three things that need to happen to you on the mission to become, in reality, a full time missionary: one, be robbed, two, soil your pants, three, get bite by a dog... Well, as we were walking down the street this week, a dog passed us. As the dog brushed passed me, apparently it turned its head to sniff my leg and thought it smelled pretty good. I dont know why, but it decided to nip the back of my knee!!! the worst part is that its owner was right behind him watching him! So yeah, I can now say that I am 1/3 part a full time missionary.

Most of this week was working with all the people that we have found this transfer. I mean, we did, last week, have the chance to baptize 5 people by the end of the month! So we did spend most of the week working with those we have. sadly, we have had to drop people, people that had a lot of potential. It is always sad when we see a person, and that they have decided to quit investigating the church. Especially when they never took the oppritunities to make changes in their lives in order to be happy! I always like to say that we are here as missionaries to make people happy! The natural man doesnt like to change, especally when it finds pleasure in unrightous living. Then that pleasure ends, and they are left broken people and wonder what went wrong in their lives.

Well, this is the last week of this transfer, so, saturday I will know if I stay or if I go! Card and I have talked about it, and we are pretty sure we are a one transfer companionship. I would kinda like to stay here in the city, in this area I mean, but, at the same time, I know that I may be needed somewhere new! I will be content where ever I am called to serve.

I hope that everyone is doing well at home, enjoying summer vacations, working, having fun! I miss you all and are often in my prayers!


Elder Z


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