July 18, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Card

Una Semana Genial!

After a couple of seeks of working hard, doing a lot of work and things that I may not have been comfortable doing, The lord has blessed us with more success than I could have hoped for! Though no one has gotten baptized (yet) we are improving a lot and there is a lot that we have to work with. For example, we had 4 investigators come to church yesterday! 2 have baptismal dates for the 30th, and by the looks of it, The ward is all behind it and willing to help out!

We recently got a new ward mission leader, and meeting with him yesterday, he expresed that he has quite the desire to help us and improve the work in our ward. For example, he is going to go out and work with us every single day, with his car, and he is going to animate all of the members here to get involved in the work with candy! this member is really sacrificing a lot for us, and I really believe that his work and faith will bring a lot of blessings for those here in 9 de Julio.

Though, earlier this week, I did get sick again. Although, I am pretty sure that it was only a bit of food poisoning. The bad part though, was that it was during an intercambio. We got back from working for the day, and I started to feel terrible. So I do think I ate somthing bad during the day. So, not only being sick, but outside of my home sweet home, it is pretty tough.

As far as the work here is, it is going really well! We had one of the best weeks that I have had here in 9 de julio, and even in my mission! so, 4 people went to church, a lot of people are progressing. I think we would have had more people go to church if it wasnt so cold outside. We found a family of 20 people that are starting to listen to us too! So, really the Lord is starting to bless us acording to all that we have put in this week. As long as we keep all of it up, I garuntee that we will see people baptized before the end of this transfer.

Another highlight of the week is that I completed a year in the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Attached are a couple of photos from the traditional shirt burning ceramony, I hope that you enjoy those.

Anyways, that is how the week went for us, I am so thankful for the opritunity that I have to serve my God here in argentina. Through his Grace and mercy, I have been able to be shaped into a tool in his hands to bless the lives of the people here in argentina. I know that there will still be opposition, and that The work is never over, but I also know that there is a force, a call to all nations, for all to come to our savior. My testimony is that the work is real, and that an almighty being directs it.

I cant wait to see what next year brings!


ELder Z


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