July 11, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


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Keeping it up

This week was interesting, a little bit different from what I am used to, but, I dont mind. We did some good work for the week, and at the least, we have some success to show for it! the beginning of the week for me was a bit off, since there were a lot of Citas that feel through for us. But at the same time, we did get to have interviews with our new Mission President, President Correa. He is from Santiago Chile, worked as a financial director for all the mission and church affairs in Chile. He has 3 children, all married, and I guess I dont know too much more about him. Im sure when we do have our first mission conference or zone conference, we will get to know more about him. That will be in a couple of weeks though from what I have heard.

As far as the week went... well, we spent a lot more time with members than we did with just working in the street. The past 2 weeks we had just been in the street talking to people trying to get some new investigators when nothing was really working, or that we werent entering very many houses. But now that we are trying to work a little more with members, I guess that we have better options, or more chances to be able to get into an investigators home!

We Have a new investigator who is progressing really well! His name is Isaac, and we found him two weeks ago. I do think that I did mention him last letter, but he is doing pretty good. He has been going through a lot of rough situations lately, and came to us asking for help! He already has a baptismal date set and he went to church yesterday. The only thing is that he is struggling a lot to quit smoking. We did have lunch yesterday with some recent converts that just quit smoking, so we will be working with them to be able to help Isaac quit!

Our other investigators havent been progressing much. Maria and Abril have been out of their house doing things for vacations. (all the kids have vacations for 2 weeks) so we havent been able to talk to them about their baptism. But if we can talk to them this week, and set up a time for their inverview, they will very likely get baptized this saturday.

We played futball a lot this week, well, this week end. Friday, saturday, and today we have played soccer. I definitly need to start doing my exercises! This week in fact, I have planned that on a year in the mission, that I will starting doing exercieses daily.

And with that too, IM GONNA BE A YEAR OLD!

freak, how fast that time fflys by in the mission. I cant believe that a year has gone by since I stepped into the MTC. and less that a year from now I will be home! dont worry, I dont think about that too many times a week, so I am totally focused in the work.

haha, but Iam glad that everyone is enjoying their vacations back home, next time, ill be joining ya ;)


Elder Z


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