July 4, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Card

All work and no play (maybe a little bit)

As long as you are doing all that you can, God will see your sacrifice and give you a blessing, whether you see it or not! you could say that is what happened this week. Things are going a little slow for us, Elder card and I, but Luckly, God is looking out for us and has blessed us with some people prepared and ready to make some changes in their lives.

I am doing pretty good as it is. My head hurts a little bit since we have been watching movies for most of our P day, pretty good relaxing way to spend the fourth of july right?! well, maybe not, but in the mission, those are pretty nice days. although my comp and I wanted to do something for the fourth of July, unfourtunatly, we didnt have much to do here in the middle of Argentina. Happy fourth of july anyways!

This week was a lot like last week though as far as the work. So We did a lot of contacting and talking to everyone we could with time. But, out of all of the people that we found, maybe 1 or 2 of them followed through on anything. But I cant complain. At chruch we ended up having our investigators Maria and Abril come to church! finally! I was pretty excited for that. They said that they liked church, (Abril actually loved it) and we had a lesson in front of the baptismal font after church where they both said that they would be baptized! So, fingers are crossed that everything will go through and that we will have a baptism on this next sunday!

We also met a guy on the street on saturday that approched us and said to us that he wanted to change his life! he has been going through a lot of trials lately, and he went to a evangelical church to find help, but nothing for him has helped there. So he came to us, and today we will have a cita with him, so, fingers crossed for that too!

That same day though, we did see someone almost get Robbed on the other side of a busy street as we waited for an investigator. There was actually a Drunk guy talking to us, and just as he went away (it was a weird guy...) we saw a woman struggling to get away from a hooded guy. Just as we were about to cross the street to help, a bus passed in front of us, and when it moved away, two police officers were already there! I was pretty thankful for that!

For this next week, I am expecting a bit more than this past week. Of course that means a little more work and effort on our part, but, we have potential, and blessings from God affirming that we have the power to change people for the better!

Enjoy your vacations and the rest of your fourth of July!


Elder Z


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