June 27, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Card

Hard work, little success, having fun!

I am feeling much, much better! all I needed was a bit of sleep, (pretty much the rest of the day last monday) and I was all back to good on tuesday. Although, middle of the week, about friday, both me and my comp got hit with a sleepiness that was pretty rough on the both of us. Haha we both left the pension in the morning to get to work, and both thought, today is going to be a rough day! Besides friday and then saturday was raining all day, we worked a ton, and I loved it! I really miss working, and ill have to get back into the habit like I used to before getting to this area, but Elder Card is a pretty good comp. I am glad we both know what we want, and that is do to the work!

Ill give you all a bit more information on my new comp. He is from alpine utah, loves to play basketball, used to go to lone peak high school ( you know, where that really famous basketball team is) and he is about 19 years old still. He had to go home for 2 weeks in the MTC for some medical issues, but came here the same time I did. His dad works for delta, so on the flight here to argentina, he got to ride first class and will on the way back home! We are getting along very well, I cant wait to see what all that we can get done in the next couple weeks.

This week was pretty good though. The end of the week was rough because of the rain, cold, and complete exhaustion. although, we worked a lot the first couple days of the week. Tuesday through thursday we talked to everyone! we set up a ton of citas with people, and though, nearly none of them ended up following though, I know that the work wasnt wasted.

Saturday, we worked for a couple of hours in straight rain. We had a couple citas for the day, and so we felt, even though it was raining, we needed to follow through. My comp is pretty crazy and we dancing and singing in the rain, even though it was so cold! rain in winter is much worse than snow in winter...

We are still working with our investigator rodrigo in order to get him to be baptized. He has a lot of doubts due to the fact that he goes to a catholic school. He knows that he wants to be baptized, but he is worried what will come of it with his friends and everything in school. He is a great kid, and he came to church with us again this past week, but he needs a bit of a push.

I am very glad that this week is going a lot better than the week before, and this next week, we hope to work as much as last week!. I cant wait to let you all know!

Love and miss you all!


Elder Z


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