June 14, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Brenton

A time of patience, a time of learning

I feel that it is hard to describe the week, last week, I mean, yeah it was good, but, at the same time, I still dont feel satisfied with the work that we are doing. Personaly, I do feel like I am struggling mentally, emotionally, stuck in a rut, bleh, you know...

One tough thing about the mission, you know what is the best you can be, what is good, what is bad about a missionary. I suppose that maybe not on that last one. There is right and wrong and one cannot sacrafice for wrong, but what happens when the ones around you judge you for trying to do what is right? This entire transfer I have felt that things have been in opposition against me. I know that is what satan is trying to do when we do what is right, but there has been more too, even in the companionship, I have been opposed. That is probably the toughest part, when I cant even have the support of my comp. I cannot, rather, will not, go into the details with that... But that is how I am feeling about everything right now... Sorry if I seem boring, a ddowner, sad, i dont know, I dont wnat to be,

But rather it could be the challenge, trial, that God has given me. On the end of all of this, I have found that God has a funny way of giving us trials to get us to listen to him and improve in somthing. In humility, we need to go to him, and in humility, give our desires and our hearts to him. And He, being able to heal everything, does what a father should do.

I wish and hope all people could see that. How great and grand is our father in heaven because he wants us to become like him! What Man who is in great power and status, when he looks down on others and says, I want them to be like me, happy and powerful. There really isnt! only our father, Christ, and the spirit think like this. They look down on us and think, We want you to be happy, strong, pure, holy, and at peace. The natural man says, you ought to be more like me, and yet holds back the blessings he has, witholds them, and wants to stay above everyone else.

God knows that we can achieve what he has, and we are content with where we are. Should we be? Obviously not, so God throws us a challenge, we realize things could be better, we achieve a little more of what he wants us to achieve, and then we sit down again, wondering what to do next? Im deciding not to sit down again. God wants too much for me for me to be content with where i am.

So yeah, I have had a lot of time to think about all of that... I want to be a bit more positive with the rest of this email, so, apoligizing for all that stuff above, ill say a bit about the good stuff about the week.

Tuesday we had a intercambio with the elders in our district, and it wasnt all that bad. We taught Maria and Abril, and Abril wants to get baptized! We are working with Maria now, hopfully she will want get baptized soon too. well, she does, but not as soon as Abril!

Wednesday we did a splash in a differnet area, where I and the other elder in my district did some service there for a sister in the ward there. We moved a ton of dirt to elevate a part of her yard, and as a result, I have a blister that still hasnt healed!

Saturday we did another intercambio with the Zone leaders, and our other investigator Rodrigo wants to be baptized too! He even went to chruch on sunday, so we might have a baptism next week! we are going to do as much as we can to get him in the water by sunday.

Also on saturday, we had a dinner, and just at the same time, the USA v. Paraguay game for the Copa America. So, while enjoying Pizza, we got to watch the entire game! that was pretty fun!

Yesterday (monday) we had our mission conference! the last one with presidente alliuad, it was a pretty emotional experience for a lot of missionaries. but it was a pretty fun day, seeing old comps, talking to people in my group, stuff like that. that is why im writing today!

but that is pretty much the week. Full of happy fun hard struggling learning peacful frustrating moments. I guess that is how it is with repentance. (dont worry, repentance is good in the end!)

Love and miss you all!


Elder Z


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