June 7, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Brenton


So i definitly wanted to write yesterday, and I did, but we didnt have enough time to write this big letter to everyone.. We were visiting my comps old areas to say goodbye to some of his mision friends and members here. That is pretty much how it has been the past couple of weeks with Elder Brinton. I have followed him around, waiting for him to be done with his trunky shopping and visiting people. Unfortunatly, until he finishes, I dont think it will end! 😰

As far as the last week, It wasnt all that great work wise, but equally we had some miracles that has me excited for this next week to come. As far as I can remember, not much happened on tuesday and monday. But on Wednesday, we had a zone meeting in the chapel of the zone leaders. It was a really good meeting and I loved what we learned about making sure people know to what end that we are trying to get to, which is baptism of course!

After the meeting while we were walking to lunch, a woman on the street stopped us. She said that she was from Peru, that she is a member there, and is here in Argentina visiting a son (who ended up going to Jail for some reason). She was staying with a realative who isnt a member and asked us to go by the house to talk with this realative. So we went later that day, and met this woman, Maria, and her 2 daughters, Abril and Valeria. So for one, these two kids are adorable and are so fun to play with! and Two, Maria told us that just recently, she had decided that she needed to unite herself with a chruch, but didnt know where to go or which chruch to join! So, it was a pretty big miracle finding her, and I feel that she will be baptized in the next couple weeks to come!

the rest of the week was pretty uneventful, we did have a couple lessons, and found a Kid of a member family who isnt baptized (easy baptism) and So I am pretty excited to see what we can do for this week!

Hopefully I will have more to talk about next week, and I will probably be writing late next monday, or on tuesday morning, considering that we have a mission conference on monday! it will be our mission president´s last mission conference since he is going home at the end of the transfer!

Thanks for all of the words of wisdom and support that I have needed so much during this time. Keep praying for me! and that I might keep my head up as The next couple weeks full of challenges come by. I miss you all and Ill keep you all in my prayers!


Elder Z


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