May 30, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Brenton

Where to go from here?

So, The week in the end was a good week :) our investigator got baptized, I had a good talk with my comp, resolving some problems, and then we did end up getting some good work done! As im sitting here though, I feel that there could be more, like there is something lacking about the week. Of course, up until the baptism and all that, it was a bit of a tough week. There isnt much that I can do to change the circumstances that im in, but I can work more on my own if I have to! I promise then, that next week, Ill have more good news for everyone :)

the beginning of the week was pretty off. So, there wasnt much success until thursday when we had an intercambio with the ZLs to do the baptismal interview for hector (the guy that was baptized!) so during this intercambio, I got to talk to the ZLs a lot about everything that was going on in the area, stuff like that. We got a bit of good work done too! we found a couple people to teach and even put a baptismal interview with a kid.

I am starting to get to know the members here a bit better. Though there are actually quite a few of them here in the ward! A lot of them have been in the ward for ages though. I have been told that some of them are actually sick of seeing the missionaries so much! hahaha I dont know if that is true, but Ill try to get along with them anyways.

The other day for lunch too, we were sitting inside, while a bunch of people started to gather around a house on the other side of the street. THe members we were eating with started to point out some of the people saying, ´´oh yeah, that guy right there has killed someone, that one sells drugs, that one killed someone else, and that one over there that looks like a guy is really a girl´´
it was one of the more interesting lunches that I have had in the mission.

The baptism for hector went well though! we had a good turnout with members, and hector is getting to know more and more members in the ward. I feel that he isnt quite accustomed to so much attention and people, but i think he likes it!

But that is pretty much a sum of the week. I have been doing this email a bit differently, I feel more relaxed writing this way instead of day to day. I get to talk about experiences instead of day to day jumbo!

I miss you all and I hope that everyone is enjoying the weather warming up. It is progressively getting colder here, but I have my Montana genes keeping me not so cold :)

Till next week! cuidanse!


Elder Z


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