May 23, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Brenton

The city life

Im not sure what to think really about this week... it had a lot of downs and not too many ups, but I liked the ups! the ups were good, yes, good ups. haha at the least i am getting a bit more used to being in the city. the streets are always filled with people, and you always need to look where you are going. Why cant I just walk a couple blocks and not run into anybody! that would be nice, but maybe God is trying to tell me to pick up the confidence and talk to these people on the street. maybe....

The area though does have a more ´´tranquilo´´ area, where more of the success is. We have been working around there more than anywhere, and though we are finding some new people to teach, it isnt stellar.

But yeah, the week wasnt all that great. Part of it may be that my compi is starting to die. pretty badly too! haha he doesnt have too much animo to go out and work everyday, but I keep pushing him. He knows he is still a missionary, but he also knows his time is coming to an end. Im not too worryed about it right now, so im letting it slide :)

We did a lot of contacting this week, going to a bunch of doors, and not that many people answered us... So, overall, not very many new people to teach this week, nor lessons taught. It is reminding me a lot of how it was when I got to cruz del eje, but worse! Though we do have a guy who is going to be baptized this week! his name is Hector, about 66 years old, barely walks, yet... well, when we invited him to chruch this week, he left his house at about 8 to get to church, and got there at 830. though church starts at 930! we told him to get there at 930 too! not sure what he was thinking, but he wants to be baptized so that is ok :)

we also had a zone conference with some other zones and president alliud. It will be his last time for me in a zone conference! he is going home at the end of this transfer, though we will have a mission conference before he goes. That will just be fun instead of serious, im looking forward to that!

So I have a bit brighter outlook for this next week, I bought some new cool looking ties today in the shopping center here in Cordoba, so Ill be trying them out this week :) Keep praying for me and my comp so that we can have some more success this week. I miss you all and I hope that it is warming up back home nicely!


Elder Z


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