May 16, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Brenton

Starting anew!

What a week! So, to start off, it turns out that there really wasnt too much to do here (as far as the work) when I got here. There werent but 1 investigator, and we were pretty much without anything to do. Then it makes you think how great God is when his servants show there willingness to sacrifice to recieve blessings. I have been praying a lot to have much more to do than just 1 investigator. As it turns out, after working for it, praying a lot, putting in a full day of work, every day, God will see sacrifice and he knows exactly what we can do. It all depends on our desires of our heart (if we want to baptize, or if we want to bring people to christ!)(which is best?) So, starting from nearly nothing, now, we have plenty of people to visit and some who are progressing really well! God really does answer the prayers of his servants! Now, to explain how the week!

I suppose I could talk about my new compi. His name is Elder Brinton, from south jordan Utah, and he is really tall (it is a bit odd hugging him after a prayer) and he swims in college too! apparently he is really good at swimming, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he is going home now in less than 5 weeks! so that is pretty neat.

Starting with the first couple days of the week, up till thrusday, we had a lot of visiting to do, looking at old investigators, and also members that we could get references. It didnt bring much success until thursday when the Zone leaders came to our area to help us out. We did a ton of contacting until we had a good group of about 8 new people to visit!

Friday we visited about half of these people and there is one family that we found that is really interested in the gospel. they moved to our area about 3 weeks ago, and so, they have been looking for a church to go to. They love the restoration, and the husband went to church with us yesterday!

saturday we didnt have as much success finding peole but that one investigator that we had at the beginning of the week accepted a baptismal daate! that was pretty much the highlight of the week.

Sunday was stake conference, so we had the guy with a baptismal date, Hector, and Emanuel, the other investigator, come to chruch with us! id imagine we will have a baptism in the week to come! (so, 2 p days from now, ill let you all know :)

Other than that, im doing pretty good, It was fun to skype the other week, and we have been pretty busy ever since. Im trying to keep myself focused, but it is tough sometimes when my compi is going home soon... Ill keep pushing him :)

untill next week!


Elder Z


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