May 9, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Brenton

Life in the big city (well, not sure how it is quite yet...)

well, I guess I just had quite the week, and everything is going to be very different for me this next couple months to come. To start out, Im now in Cordoba! yes, I know that i have always been in the cordoba mission, but like I told my family, I am now in the city part of Cordoba in a area called nueve de julio. It will be very, very different for me, since i have never lived in a big city before! I cant wait to see what The Lord has in store for me here.

So my new compi is named elder Brenton! (i think) and he is from south jordan, utah. He has been in the mission for a good 22 something months (yeah, im killing him) but he seems ready enough to do a lot of work, I guess I might have to be the motor for a little bit though. I trust that God knows what we can do here.

So to cover last week pretty briefly, the first couple of days of the week were good! we found some new investigators and got to teach a couple of good lessons. (sorry im not covering it very well, but, I dont work there anymore ;) ) but it was a good couple of days, and hopefully Elder Tidball will do some good with his new companion.

Friday to sunday were very slow (as far as work) since we had so much to do! friday we had a ward activity, we watched meet the mormons in the chappel, and it ended up being really good! Earlier in the day too, Elder Cuary and I got to go to a local high school and we taught a bunch of students learning how to speak and eventually teach english. we mostly answered their questions, (some about the church too!) that was a really cool experience that I probably wont forget soon.

Saturday we had another activity for the priesthood holders in the morning, and then later in the day we played futball. during that time, the zone leaders pretty much told me that I was going, So after the activity we visited some people and then we went to go pack!

Sunday was a pretty sad day. I gave my testimony to the ward, exhorting them to trust in the will of God and to chose to sacrifice to him (time, talent, work, sins) in order to fufill their potential, and I can tell that a lot of them were moved. The other elders had a baptism after church so we helped them out with that. and then after lunch and packing a bit more, I got to skype the family! It was a good way to end the day, and with a dinner with member family.

So I am looking forward to this new area and to see what we can do to help this area progress and eventually baptize! Im so greatful that the Lord has trusted me to trust enough in him, so that whatever that I need to do here in Nueve de Julio, I will be able to complete what needs to be done!

I hope that you all are doing well, and I will talk to you all next week!


Elder Z


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