May 2, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Tidbal

Things get busy...

unfortunatly, there were not any baptisms this week, (bit sad, I know) and really, this week has been really busy. I wish that is was that we were busy with teaching so many lessons and meeting a ton of new people! But... well, we did meet a lot of new people that we could teach in the weeks to come. En verdad, we had a lot of administrative things to get done this week. SO, that was a bit tough, but, we hadnt had the chance most of the transfer to do all of that. But! things have to been done in order of course, If not, God would be a God of chaos, not so much perfect.

In the mean time, it gives me a chance to remember how I need to be humble about everything. Slowly but surely I am getting to realize pride in myself, and slowly (of course) i am finding ways to fix it. I am a stupid missionary! (saying it makes me feel better :) ) well, maybe I was, but now I can improve. But also, I have come to see how I falted, and as a result, I can see others (especially in the branch that I am serving) making the same mistakes. I hurts me to see others boast and put themselves higher than others. Pride really makes a mess out of everything.... that is to put it simply!

but would you rather hear about how prideful all of us are? or would you rather know how im doing :) right? ...right?!

Starting last tuesday. It was a bit of a slow day, we had a meeting with the ward mission leader, and then right after had our english class. The class ended up being a big success! we had about 8 people come (compared with the 1 that came the week before) it was a very nice success.

Wednesday we started an intercambio with the elders from Dean Funes, so I spent the day with Elder Anderson, and had some success finding people. We also had a good talk with a less active member who is trying to get back into the church, but has some shame since he smokes still. he has been trying for years to quit, but he still stuggles.

Thursday we had our district meeting in the morning, and in the afternoon, we had meetings with Prestident Allieud and the assistents to him. So the day was pretty much spent in the end.

Friday and Saturday Elder Tidball and one of the zone leaders went to Chamical to do intercambios with the elders there (they baptized there!) so we had to go back and forth inbetween investigators, and some were there, some werent... it felt pretty long...

Sunday we didnt have any investigators in church (mainly because we didnt have the chance to invite any of them to go to church) but Tidball and I got to do a lot of work visiting people after church.

And today has been nice. I made some pasta for lunch, we watched a couple movies, bought food... there isnt much to do here in Cruz Del Eje (we could go to Ciber all day... but that isnt quite in acordance with the mission rules ;) )

I hope you all are doing well, and I am looking forward to being able to skype the family next week! It should be fun, and ill let you all know when we need to do that on sunday :)

Love and miss you all!


Elder Z


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