April 25, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Tidbal

doesn't matter if they are 8 or 80....

So! this week was a great success! in that one, I learned a ton about how to be a missionary, and that becuase of that, We got to baptize this week!

So starting with how to be a missionary, well, yes I went through all my training, I have quite a bit of experience, but I always felt that I was missing something. Throughout the mission so far, I have always thought that I had faith, I always thought that I was doing things right. Not to say that I wasnt, I have been trying my hardest to work. but What I lacked was the conviction. I mean, a conviction of the work. Some of my comps in the pension just this past week showed me a couple of talks and letters that they said changed their mission. After I read them, I realized the same things! there is a lot more to being a missionary than being outside all day, visiting people, I feel there is more than that. I realized that the mission is for everyone, meaning, not just for investigators and people on the street, or that everyone should serve missions, More that missions can change everyone. the missionary, the investigator, everyone around them. For me, the past couple of months have been hard, they have been difficult because I havent seen success. But God knew I wasnt having success. He didnt want me to have success quite yet. He wanted me to trust in him, prove myself, prove that I have faith and that I am willing to change for him and to help those around me. These letters have helped me a lot, and I am very thankful that I have been prepared to recieve this help from those who have been inspired by God to do so!

Now all about this week :)

tuesday went by pretty quick for me. We had lunch in Soto. After traveling back to Cruz del eje, we visited a couple people, and then We got to teach Mariana and Isabel, we taught some of the comandments since they had questions about some after church. After that though, we had our first english class! though... one person showed up... It wasnt very well anounced, but tomorrow should go better.

Wednesday we had an intercambio, we had decided that isabel was ready for her interview and after a bit of waiting for her to wake up after the siesta, she had her interview and she passed!

Thrusday we did some service for a member before lunch and had lunch with the member afterwards. a lot of people that we had plans to visit fell through, so, it was a bit of a slow day.

Friday we had an activity in the chruch! it was a night of deserts, and It went pretty well! a good amount of members showed, and we all had fun! we played soccer afterwards with the rest of the members.

Saturday we planned a lot for the baptism of isabel and also of a kid that we have been helping out to be baptized. (his family is members, but he just turned 8, so they wanted us to help out for his baptism). Later in the day we cleaned out the font, and at the church there was a birthday party for one of the members! There were some of our investigators there, and it was cool to see them there.

Sunday was the baptisms, and though it was a bit hectic trying to get everything organized after chruch, it did happed eventually! I will probably send pictures of it next week, so keep tuned for that!

that was all that happened though. It was a very satisfying week especailly after the baptisms! it had been a little while!


Elder Z


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