April 11, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Tidbal

Vamos a lograr!

Another week has gone by, and slowly but surely the fruits of the past couple of weeks is starting to show a bit more! I have to say that I do feel pretty good about this week. I was a bit unsure at the beginning, not much came through for us on general conference weekend, but we did have people in church sunday, and the ward had some amazing experiences this week too!

Although, I did forget to go through all of my notes from general conference weekend, I do regret forgetting to do that. haha maybe this week I will get around to doing it. but, as far as how I feel, what I learned this week, I think that overall, is how to be positive, and how to be diligent. I do have to admit, with elder Pryor, it was a bit more layed back, and now, Elder tidball has humbled me a bit and I feel that I can start improving in my diligence in la obra del Señor. It is all about the little things, being a little more forward, doing something little, but myself out a bit more. One thing that is required of me in the mission is that I give all that I have in me in service to God, and if I am not willing to do that, I cannot fufill with my calling.

Dont worry, I wasnt being disobedient or not working all day, I just forgot about the little things I can do, and Ill be getting better at that :)

Tuesday! well, it was raining for a good part of the day, but that didnt stop us from working. after a day of working, we got to teach Mariana and Isabel. they are progressing a lot, (and they are the ones that went to church!) we put baptismal dates with them for this sunday and 2 weeks later (since mariana wants to be a bit more prepared) but that is 2 baptisms that we will have in the next couple weeks!

Wednesday we had intercambios with the ZL´s, and though quite a bit of our citas fell through, it was good to work with this new Zone leader elder Bingham. we tried to visit a lot of people, but in the end, not very many came trhough. though, we played futball with the ward at the end of the day.

Thursday, was a bit odd after lunch. We were walking back to the pension when a guy sitting on the ground, stopped us and asked us to help him change is life. he was obviously impared by ummm, illegal substances, but all four of us missionaries took the time to teach him a little bit. the lesson went well, but we will see if this guy will come through with his comitments.

Friday we learned that one of our investigators that we have been trying to teach (a part member family) watched some videos that try to prove the book of mormon wrong. It hurt me a lot to listen to this person (who I know has a testimony) say that they have doubts now all because they decided to listen to a couple people use falty science and poorly collected data over to what God has revealed to them. but other than that, the rest of the day went pretty well, we got a ton of new people to visit, and we got to talk to mariana and isabel again.

Saturday we planned to visit a ton of people, but becuase of poor weather (it has been pretty cold all week) a lot of people fell through on us. though we did have a really good lesson with a new investigator. Her name is Betty, and we taught her about the gospel of Christ. the lesson was a great sucess.

Sunday, during chruch (had mariana and isabel there!) it was testimony meeting, and nearly all of the members of the branch had gone to the temple the day before for a branch temple trip. It was reallyawesome to hear all of their testimonies, and it was a great situation for our investigators. later that day we got to meet a new investigator that we have been trying to meet for a while now. the lesson we had went pretty well, but he didnt have too much time, so I hope that we can talk to him later this week.

Well that was the week. We should have a baptism (3 maybe!) by next week. I know I know, i said that they would be this week... but, that is OK :)


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