March 28, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Tidbal

End of a really long transfer (but it was short!)

Well, this letter will have to be a little short since I dont have much time to write (sorry for that) ill just go through what happened this week! which unfortunatly is a lot... so... yeah. lets see how this goes.

tuesday! well, at the end of the day we got to play soccer again with members of the ward, that was super fun, during the day, we got to visit some people. One that lives super far away from everyone else that we visit, but it might be worth visiting since there are some non members in this part member family (reactivate and baptize!)

Wednesday was a bit off. The morning, we were supposed to have district meeting, but one of the areas wasnt able to come. So, elder pryor got mad, and didnt want to do the meeting, (and the other area was already there....) so it was a weird morning. After lunch we did an intercambio though, and it was a pretty good day. We visited quite a few of our investigators (a couple of them we got to talk to.) and then we had consejo del rama at the end of the day.

Thursday started off with one of the ZLs being sick and telling us to clean up the pension. so we did that... the rest of the day was pretty off. We didnt really get to follow through with any of our plans. so, not the best day.

Friday was a bit better, we started a fast inbetween the elders to see if we could try and get a baptism by sunday. (also the reports for transldos got here, so we knew where we were all going pretty early) and we visited all of our potential baptisms. One kinda came through, and seemed to be willing to be baptized soon (but he has fear of his families aproval..) (the baptism didnt happen though :( )

Saturday was filled a lot with preparing for the other elders baptisms and doing intercambios. We tryed to visit a lot of people to see who else could possible be baptized. We got so close with this guy (Abel is his name) but he still is scared of what his family will do if he does get baptized.

Sunday was kinda just sending Elder Pryor off, getting ready to leave. after chruch we did all that and got ready for the other elders baptism. Pryor and I visited some people that he had gotten close to during the past couple of weeks. after all of that though, at the end of the day we got a call from the district president here and informed us that a member of our ward had passed away. (it was a pretty big shock to us!)

So today, one, I went to cordoba this morning to look for my new compi named Elder Tidbal! He is from canada, and that is what I know about him so far! (ill get more on him next week :) ) and now after I write, ill be heading to this funeral for this brother. itll be sad, not sure what to do quite yet when I get there.

that was the week, this week is surly going to be busy and hecktic, but hopfully it will be worth it!

Thanks for all of your prayer and ill be praying for all of you!


Elder Z


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