March 21, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Sick comps, sick me

Not that I have been sick, sick, like, out of work sick. But in a way I have been. This week esspecially right now while I am reflecting on it, I dont really think I like how it all went. I feel like I expected more to happen, and I cant blame others, and I should try to blame myselft. I know that we have more potential here in Cruz Del Eje than others think, yet I feel that I am letting others down because our progress isnt being shown. I care about the people We are teaching, and when others dont seem to care that much for them, it bugs me. off comments, little things that shouldnt be there. Perhapes I am lost a bit. I hope that when i figure out what to do all that I have just said will change. I dont feel confident. I should be though. I am A representitive of Christ and I should hold myself up boldly with his name even in front of people that rage against me. I know better. I know that I can do better. haha I am God loves to give me more chances.

Anyways, about being sick.

tuesday I had to stay at the pension the ENTIRE day since elder nelson got sick that night. (the rest of the week he was sick, (he made sure everyone knew that)) but I just got ready for district meeting the next day, did some art, watched a chruch movie or two. por lo menos, at the end of the day I got to go play some soccer with some of the members in the ward! It was great!

Wednesday starting out with disctric meeting, it went well! since I had to give a discourse on the Spirit and How it works in the mission, with missionaries, with members. Elder Pryor told me afterward that if he had to give a discourse with the time that Ihave now in the mission, he couldnt do it! That felt pretty good :)
the rest of the day went pretty well! We visited a bunch of investigators through the day and there were a lot of people that were attentive. we taught 2 lessons at the least, and met some new people to teach!

Thursday We had to do some more intercambios because of Nelson still being sick. so I just went with Elder Cuary to some of their Citas instead of ours. (elder Cuary is going home in a bout a month, So, we wernt exactly super efficent)

Friday was just as slow. we worked in our area but it was super cold outside! (Finally!) but on the downside of the cold, people didnt want to come outside, talk, yeah, so unfortunatly we did a lot of walking around with little success.

Saturday, the highlight was that we celebrated a members birthday for lunch! friday we had gotten her a gift and everything. after lunch, we had made a lot of plans to visit some important investigators, but we got very busy talking to members, and though we got references, I felt that it was more of a waste of time since the investigators we could have visited missed their chance to hear from us. but, all in the end of the day. we did decide as a pension to end the day with a bit of a campfire! we have a little space in the back of the appartment outside, so we got some hotdogs, sauces, and that was pretty fun to do as a group of missionaries.

Sunday, i did start to feel sick. (not sick to my stomach, but acid reflux/heartburn kind of sick!) I thought it was all over! but here I am again feeling a bit sick from that. But Im not letting it stop me for now. luckly I have my medicine, i am very greatful for that! Chruch was good though. We had a ton of members at church! at least 65 people were there for sacrament meeting, so it went very well. At the end of the day, we went to go visit an investigator, which took a good 2 or 3 hours. But it was a good way to spend time!

That was the week though, sorry for the start of it. I feel like the best way to get all those ideas out is right now when I am writing on the computer. sure I could write on paper, but it takes too long, and I cant erase very well... but at the same time, all of you get the chance to give me advice that I really do treasure!

Gracias a todos ustedes! les quiero muchísimo!


Elder Z


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