March 14, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

The GOOD week

This week was a good week!

haha let me show you why:

Tuesday! Starting off the week good with the chance to go play a little bit of soccer with my companions. that was at the end of the day, but it was still good to get my foot on a soccer ball since it has been a while since i actually have played. The beginning of the day though we spent the morning cleaning the pension, and after lunch we tryed to visit one or two people. after them, we visited a member who showed us where an old investigator lived. He is a 19 year old guy about to start school, and already knows the church is true, the only reason he isnt baptized is because his dad didnt let him. But now he is plenty old enough to be baptized!

Wednesday, we didnt have as much time to talk to people, but we did have the chance to talk to some on the street, and later that day, we met with an investigator that has a lot of potential. He is confined to cruches since his leg was broken a couple weeks ago, and his family is struggling a bit since they dont have work for now. but definitly he has a lot of potential. the end of the day we headed for cordoba, but before we got on the bus there a big protest passed through the bus stop, it was kinda weird but crazy at the same time.

Thursday we had a Zones conference, (that is why we were in cordoba) and though i didnt learn very much, it was good to be there and listen to president Alliaud. I did get to see Dos Santos while i was there.

Friday we met with 3 super potential baptisms, one in the morning ( we were just walking by a cafe when a guy called us over) another potential baptism with one old investigator too (this one went to chruch this week!) and then we met with the kid from tuesday. there is a lot of potential with all of these people!

Saturday we started out going to a different area to deliver some baptism clothes for some other elders. we got back, made lunch, had our nap, and then went to visit people with a hermana that always has people for us to visit. We found a couple of potential baptisms with her, and then visited this one guy we have been trying to visit for ages. He was finally there, and there is some hope for this guy, he has a lot to change though.

Saturday, we had that one investigators in chruch(marcos is his name) and after that, elder pryor for some reason got super disanimated and didnt really want to work, and I couldnt do anything to help. though we did pass by one investigator, but we have another appointment with them tonight a bit later.

That was the week though, not much spiritually learned this week. I suppose that I need to focus more on the work and what I can do instead of depending on others to do the work for me. I definitly need to improve on putting my two bits in everything. Ill let you all know how that works out :)

But for now, I need to go. I hope all is doing well in the nice warm states. luke warm I hope, and not hot. Hot is bad. I dont like hot.

haha Chau!

Elder Z


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