March 7, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Little by little, precept by precept

You know, I love writing this big letter to everyone, since it really lets me think about what I learned and what I improved on during the week. How was the week? what went well? what didnt? and what can I do this next week to improve? Maybe it is something I am going to take more to heart and do a more in depth self evaluation every week. why not?

This week at the least, was more of applying what we all learned from the last week with elder bednar, all that stuff. there was one thing that he said that keeps coming up for me, is, that we only improve/learn/apply little at a time. I guess we shouldnt expect to get everythign at once, and we should remember that we have all of a lifetime to improve. One example that Elder Bednar used that i love is his experience during his time at BYUI while he was president there. A girl came up to him and asked how she could be better, how Sister Hinckly was (when she was alive). He simply asked her how old sister Hinckly was (80 somthing) and said, She is 80 years old, she has nearly 60 years more experince. Dont expect to be so great and wise as her since you are simply no where near as old as her!
So, when we are down on ourselves, we should realize that only as we apply little at a time will we improve!

anyways, now for my week :)

TUesday, first day of march, and not a great start. (haha i rhymed!) we didnt get to visit very many people, but we did talk to a member that I havent had the chance to talk to, and as a result we found a couple of people that we can visit! other than that, we tried to visit some people with another member, but it didnt work out.

Wednesday we started out with a zone meeting. It actually went really well! it was more of a kind of group therapy session, but with the spirit, instead of a talk or two and some practices. We all talked about what was going on in the Zone, what we can do to improve, what to work on, and there was really a great spirit there! We did get to do some work after. Though, not much got done like the day before since a member fell through on us to visit an investigator.

thursday went well! after lunch and the siesta, got to talk with the branch president, and we found out where some old investigators live, and found some new people to visit. After we talked to one of our investigators nambe Eli, and Had a good talk with her about the resoration and prophets. After that our appointment from the day before came through, and we got to teach her! She was super receptive to us and the message, and hopefully down the road she will come through as a baptism.

Friday, well didnt got great. We planned to visit a bunch of people, but recently school started here in argentina again, so people arent at home for a good while after the siesta. But thats how it was most of the day. We didnt get to teach, but at the end of the day, we did get to give a blessing to a sister.

Saturday felt a lot litke the day before. But we did do an intercambio while pryor and the other ZL went to do interviews in another area. All of our investigators fell through for us, and we didnt have the chance to visit as many as I wanted. We did invite Eli to go to chruch( but she works A TON) so that wasnt very good.

Sunday, was a normal sunday. The testimony meeting was really good though during chruch, I understood a ton, and I really felt a strong spirit there. All week I had been thinking if I needed to say something during the testimony meeting (for the members here) but the strong impression came that I didnt need to say anything! Other than that, yeah, normal chruch day :)

It is nice to know there is such nice weather back at home right now, and luckly, things are starting to get better here :) slowly but surely im am getting colder. at the least, the mornings are nice and cool, haha

Cuídense! Chau!

Elder Z


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