February 29, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Not so many intercambios, but still...

Hello everyone, as it turns out, i realize more and more everyday how imperfect I am! haha
To start, I am a little bit sick witha cold and I am slowly recouperating. I a very tierd, a bit disanimated, but I have some great hope for the next couple of weeks coming.

I know I said that we were going to baptize this week, and we were, but our investigators went on vacations. for another kid that we were going to baptize, his parents want him to wait a little while since he is only 9 years old...

but on the brightside, we have a lot of potential according to elder pryor for the next coming week! (not to mention some fire from elder Bednar :) )

But starting with last tuesday...

Tuesday, we actually had another intercambio with the ZLs, but we visited our 2 most likely to be baptized kids, and we learned a lot from both of them. Pancho was a long shot for now, but we are still going to work with him and his family. Este nuevo, marco, he is part of a part member family, but he on the other hand could be baptized right now! (we found out later that his dad wants him to wait though...) start of the week, everything seemed pretty good!

Wednesday started the day listening to elder bednar while he was in buenas aires visiting the area, and he took the time to have a missionary conference. He talked a lot about faith and how faith is an action! He gave the example of how a lot of people say in their prayers after sacrament meeting ´´please bless all those who didnt make it this week that they can come next week. ´´ when we should rather say, ´´ Father, we are very thankful for what we have learned this meeting, now as we end this meeting, we are going to all go and visit one person who wasnt here today and see how they are!´´ I guess the big difference is that someone who acts like that, who is willing to act before the spirit prompts them is a real act of faith. but otherwise, the rest of the day didnt turn out as well. we tried.

Thrusday we had a really good weekly planning season after lunch and then we went to work. As we worked we found a ton of part member families, less actives, and references, people invited us to come visit them, found former investigators, all worked out really well this day!

Friday, well, I had to go with one of the ZLs to go to a area called Chamical (which is that new area, which was actually part of my old district in la rioja before, but i never got to visit UNTIL LAST FRIDAY!!!!) I had been looking forward to visit this little town for ages! it is a small town, but there is a lot of potential there. We went there to help the elders there prepare for a baptism, and to do the interviews and everything. Spent the entire day there

Saturday, ended up being so-so. had to do another intercambio so that we could do interviews for our investiagtors. only one kid, marco, was there for his interview, and he ended up not being able to be baptized due to his dad... But on the other hand, apparently elder Pryor and the other zl found plenty of PF´s and new investigators for next week :)

Sunday, well we help the other elders with a baptism, andd..... that was about it...

that was the week. Slowly I am learning how to be a better missionary and representative of christ, but I am getting there little by little. Being here with the ZLs and DLs really helps me out since I am surrounded by experience! at the same time, I hope God isnt trying to prepare me for a bunch of responsabilaty. (pleaaaaasssseeee!)

haha but that is all I ahve for this week, I miss you all, and Hope that things are starting to warm up nicely back home!


Elder Z


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