February 22, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Can I please work with my companion...?

As you may be able to tell from the subject of this email, I havent had too much opritunity to work directly with my companion this week. The thing is that we have a new area in our district this transfer. It is great cause the missionaries there are really good! but at the same time, the district presidency and mission president want to make sure this new area is growing and healing (really it is an older area that has had problems with members in the past) We have already made a lot of great progress there (they have a good 4 baptisms lined up!) but my companion has been working with them nearly all week, (the past 3 days at the least).

But at the same time, things are really starting to progress here! the past couple of days have been great finding people to teach, setting up baptisms, stuff like that. We are hoping as a zone to have 21 baptisms this week. It is really possible too! We will see what we can to do contribute to that number!

Starting with last tuesday, well, we were in cordoba all day since I had to finish my tramites, which is making sure I am legal here in argentina. I did buy some new shoes though, I definitly needed to. We got back super late that night.

Wednesday, start of the first intercambio (not with the the new area) but I went out with a newer missionary after District meeting and lunch. We visited people all day, and there was actually a lot of people that had time to listen to us. We have one person, Eli (who now has a baptismal date) and talked to her a bit. After we visited a family called the family Quinteros. The first time we visited them about a week ago, I gave their daughter a book of mormon. this time we visited them, she was on Alma 4! We gave a bit of the Restoration to them, and then visited our most likely baptism, Pancho the kid I talked about last time that didnt get baptized. We learn more and more about this kid, and we found out that he is scared to be baptized since his family (other than his parents) are catholic, and his friends are all catholic. Hopefully we can help him out with this later today when we visit him.

Thursday, Pryor got back and we tried to work in a newer area in Cruz Del Eje, and figured out we really dont have too many people to visit in that area, so we had to move on. We did find some new people that we can visit, but I think most of our work will be in this area near our pension.

Friday, We tried again in this area, but it still was tough, there wasnt very many people to visit. Later we went to visit people with a member, the only problem was that it felt like I was third wheeling on a date instead of visiting people.... We had a movie night activity with the ward, and pancho and his mom went. I talked to her for a while to see if she could work on helping her son out, to feel better about being baptized. Hopefully that helped.

Saturday, start of another intercambio, this time with the zone leaders, while mi compi went to this new area. the day part was kinda rough, we started working earlier than normal, and no one was out. (the thing is that everyone is usually taking naps at this time, and all the stores are closed, there is literally no one to visit.) But till about 7, we visited a Menos activo/Part member family (MA/PF) and we found out their son wants to get baptized! so I am excited to see what we can do there.

Sunday after church (which was good! Pancho and his family went, so they are starting to reactivate!) but after we had to wait a while for my compi to get back from the area, and then had to start ANOTHER intercambio... (this time with the elders from this new area) you can see that I am getting sick of them... but Apparently we have a bunch of new people to visit, and a lot of them want to be baptized! all from the intercambio!

But that was the week. Although things werent functioning like I expected, but I cant complain with how the lord has worked with us these past couple days, and I love that we have the chance to bring so many people to the waters of baptism in the coming weeks! (hopfully a couple in the next couple of days :) )

I love and Miss you all!


Elder Z


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