February 15, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

7 months a missionary

Well, time is slowly starting to fly by. I am already 7 months old! i am really starting to get into the hang of things I guess, and believe it or not, I can speak the language! haha but yeah, slowly but surely time is starting to fly by, and I am loving it! (as long as we are working of course!)

This week was a bit of a long one though, With the new transfer, things were a little jumbled up, but we did in the end make some good progress with investigators and with working and finding people

Starting with last tuesday, well the highlight of the day was finding a little puppy while we were looking for an investigator! Sad news, I dont have photos of it. but it was a tiny thing with only 2 or 3 months, and we carried it around with us the rest of the day. Work wise, we didnt find this investigator, but we did find a bunch of news.

Wednesday after lunch we found out the other elders were going to have a baptism that day so we had to help them plan for that... But after that we got a ton of references from a member that I hadn´t met before. It was pretty cool since now we are chalk full of people we can visit! I am pretty excited about it. After that though, we had their baptism, and went home to sleep.

Thursday was a bit of a bummer for me since we didnt really get to do much that day. After lunch (and after meeting a pretty cool MA) Elder Pryor had to go get some schooling stuff figured out. It took a good 2 hours longer than we expected, and later he will have to do some more work there. We did meet with our almost baptism that day, and though we had a good talk with him, in the moment he didnt feel ready to be baptized ( it will get better once I get to saturday though)

Friday I felt was pretty good! We got our weekly planning out of the way, and after lunch, we were walking in the street when this girl (about 18 years old) yeld over to us, ´´ Hey! I want to read the Bible!´´ (I kinda still think she was joking about it) but we started talking to this group of people and found that one of them is a MA from ages ago, (baptized at 8, didnt understand why and all) and one of the mothers there is really interested in the chruch. So that little joke got us a bunch of new people to teach! pretty good huh?!

Saturday, I was in an intercambio with Elder Nelson, and He and I went to talk to this kid that we were going to baptize, He figured out what he needed and Got him excited to be baptized! it was great! (but down side will come during sunday) We then tried to visit some more of my investigators, but nobody was home. We spent the rest of the day visiting the other elder´s investigators.

Sunday, we were all ready during chruch and excited that we were going to have a baptism, when, the branch president came up to us and said before sacrament meeting, ´´ the mother of pancho doesnt think that he is ready to be baptized´´ so... we were awefully disapointed at that, and the family didnt come to chruch, so, we have a couple of choice scriptures for this hermana the next time we see here..... Otherwise than that, we had to do some traveling to help some other elders out in a different area.

Today, We went on a super huge giant hike, Ill put pictures :)

that was the week, And honestly, it was a lot better than previous weeks, and I hope that the weeks for this transfer will start to go by a little quicker. I Do have to thank you all for your support and suggestions for me. They really do help me out and I have progressed a lot in the last couple of weeks as a result.

I love and miss you all and I hope all is going well wherever you are!


Elder Z


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