February 8, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Me Quedé!

I know, last week I was A bit down, things didnt feel like they were working out well here, I hadn´t worked much the week before due to administrative stuff. But! this past week was a bit better, so I can say that God answered my prayers and Im sure all of your prayers too. I suppose that through this week I really focused on learning how to love the people that I am around, and as I tryed to develope this, I found that it is one thing to have positive feelings for someone, and actually loving them. Loving someone will mean that you are willing to act for them. As King Benjamin describes it during his adress (justo, I was studying there in the BOM this week) he talks a lot about being humble, serving, living up to our covenents, and as we do this, we will be filled with the love of the savior and the love for others. The Key is to ACT! If you never act and do things for other people, your love for them will never increase! it is the samething with everything else in the gospel of christ. Faith requires action, repentance requires action, baptism requires action, keeping the gift of the holy ghost requires action, and enduring to the end requires action. Do not be lazy, Membership the church of God is not a ´spectator sport´ as put by Prestident uchdorft.

now that we are done with the spiritual thought, lets get into the week :)

Tuesday was a pretty good day, we walked around the entire city it seemed, but we made some good contacts through the day. At the end of the day, we actually taught one of the other elders investigators... (We didnt mean to! it just kinda... happened...)

Wednesday was not as good as the day before. After lunch elder pryor had to go to ciber to work on a discourse for the next day (zone conference) but after we were there we went to visit some people. Tried that is... No one was home, but we worked with a member for the day.

Thursday was Zone conference, and it was a good learning opritunity. I learned a lot about listening to the spirit, asking the right questions, stuff like that (missionary stuff!) but after I started an intercambio with one of the elders in my district. I actually got to travel for once for a intercambio! Once we got to Dean Funes, we went right to work, and we actually had some good lessons while we working that day.

Friday was more frustrating than productive. The elder that I was doing the intercambio with counldnt figure out when He wanted me to get back to my area so I was pretty much there for the entire day again! (4 times he changed the time that we were going to go to the bus terminal!) (and obviously, I REALLY want to work in my own area...) but eventually the next day, I got back home early in the morning.

Saturday was pretty crazy, After some shuffling around with a bunch of elders at the pension, interviews, working a bit, lunch, working some more, and helping the other elders out with a baptism, we finally got to the end of the day, and we had translados! As it turns out, I am staying here, and elder Pryor too. Elder Nelson (one of the ZLs) stayed too, but my trainer, Dos Santos, was called to be the next assistent to the president! So my trainer left me again... but I geuss that is alright.

Sunday, after church, and helping the other elders with another baptism, we didnt have much else to do. (I really want to have more investigators at chruch!)

But anyways that was the week, and really it was a lot better than last week. For this week I have High hopes, we have a couple people that are progressing to baptism, and I really want to work A FUL this week to find more people to bring to salvation!


Elder Z


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