February 1, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Week do nothing

Well, I wouldnt say that I did nothing all week, but for most of the week, I never had much of the opritunity to work... Alot of traveling, helping out the other elders... It really was a tough week for me.

Starting with tuesday, We had to go to cordoba in order to get my argentine lisence, but when the computers at the offices wernt working we had to stay the entire day in cordoba while they fixed the computers.

The next day we were able to work on them, but about 5, we headed back to Cruz Del Eje, and got back about 8. We had branch counsil, but we didnt really get a say during the council.

Thursday, After lunch I had to go with One of the Zone leaders to a different area to do a baptismal interview, while Elder Pryor and Dos santos stayed in cruz del eje and worked, we didnt get back until about 1 in the morning from that. But the city we were in had a really cool festival there. Music, shops, overpriced food and everything!

Friday we had a ward activity. But we spent most of the moring and a bit after lunch getting ready for it. In that time in between prep and the activity we visited people a bit. But the activity was a disco party. So we had shakes, colored lights, 70s music. the whole thing! I was dancing all night trying to get the members here to dance too. It didnt happen very often though... but that ended at about midnight.

Saturday we spent the morning cleaning up the chaple from the activity. after lunch we visited a super inactive family, that is pretty much apostate... it was kinda sad, it makes me sad how people worship saints instead of God here... But after that we did another intercambio and i went with Dos Santos to visit some of his investigators.

Sunday was pretty boring. After chruch, lunch at a members house, Getting numbers for the week, we got out about 730. We only decided to visit a member, since we didnt really get to plan.

Today though was pretty fun. We went to a dam that is pretty close to here in cruz del eje, ( though we had to walk an hour to get there) But we spent the day there, and i guess that is why this email is a little late.

But, that was the week, I dont have much time for a spiritual though or anything. Maybe that if you want order and the spirit in your life, try to clean things up :) helped a lot for me this week !

Love you all and I wish the best for you all in the freezing weather back home!


Elder Z


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