January 25, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

I almost caught fire today...

quite the subject to the email huh!? haha ill get to that later, we´ll just say that im missing some arm hair now.

But anyways, This week has been pretty good, compared to the first couple weeks, there has been a huge difference. I suppose that each week is something new and different, and God has something else for me to learn. This week, it is more that I learned that There is always something that we can do better, one way or another to improve. As I went through this week, I found that to be very true for me. Sometimes we look at ourselves and think that where we are is enough, that there is no need for improvment, or that we use the excuse that we are fine where we are. I feel that if we think that, we are denying ourselves more, well more happiness, joy, strength, peace, talent, charity, and more. Dont deny the spirit of improvment! God sent us here to learn and improve, if we then dont do what we can to improve, what is our lives worth?
Well, my plea for you all, is dont be trucho!

there is my spiritual thought for the day, now! moving on to the week :)

Tuesday, I was still recovering from the day before, so after another day of walking, I was rather dead by the end of the day. After lunch we went and tried to visit people with a member for a majority of the day. A random guy came up to us during the day and asked us to give him a blessing, after the blessing he kinda rushed us out cause he had to go somewhere, which was kinda wierd... really wierd.

Wednesday was pretty cool, after district meeting, we had lunch together as a zone, and after lunch we had a world wide conference for missionaries. (so yeah, every single missionary in the world!) there wasnt anything big anounced though, it just had been a while since the last one they did. After the meeting we went back to work, and at one point we were talking to a member, and as we were talking to her, the other elders came to her door. We hid ourselves as they proceeded to talk to her, and after about 20 minutes, they left, and we un hid ourselves. They never found out that we were there!

Thursday after weekly planning, and being out working for a while, eventually we contacted a family of about 10 people! (6 of them can be baptized :) ) we ended up talking to them for about 2 hours, and taught a little about baptism while we were there. I have high hopes for some in the family, and I hope we can teach them soon!

Friday we finally got the stuff to the pension! in the morning a nice big truck came up and dropped off our wardrobes, shelves, air conditioners, and stuff like that. So now we are all nice and organized, orderly, and the spirit can be in the pension now! Oh I also mentioned in my journal that for the past 4 or 5 days, it has easily been over 115 degrees outside. it is too hot here...

Saturday I had high hopes for the day, but not very much turned out for us. we got to teach a menos activo, walked around a while, visiting people, and visiting people with a member. After a full day, we went to the members house and she just gave us some cereal and yogurt, while we listened to music, so that was all pretty chill.

Sunday, we taught a lesson to an investigator! well, it is a Part member family, but we are trying to reactivate the family, and baptize their kid! the lesson went really well, and it turns out the kid is willing to be baptized, so hopefully, we will have a baptism next week!

That was the week though, oh yeah today while we were making lunch, i was trying to start the oven, and we have to light it with a lighter. As i had the gas on, and was trying to get it started, eventually it lit, and so did all the gas in the oven. So my arm got a nice ball of fire and thus went away some of my armhair.... Almost died, all is good.

Hope your weeks arnt quite that exciting, but I do hope for the best for you all! Enjoy the cold, and stay warm in the states!


Elder Z


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