January 18, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Things are looking up!

First of all, we are finally in a new appartment!!! finally!!!!! (yall may think living in a hotel would be the best thing ever. try to look at it as a missionary...) but yeah, we moved finally, i think thursday, but it has already made a huge difference for us in the work. We have made more citas and visited more people than we have the last couple weeks, and I just feel the spirit a lot stronger. I missed doing studys, having space to do stuff.

Well, at the new appartment, there are still a couple of things missing. We dont have hot water, our own electricity, beds (we have matresses), somewhere to put food, curtains over the windows, wardrobes, bars on the windows, stuff like that. But hey, im counting my blessings as it is :) The appartment por lo menos is really new. We dont have too many neighbors, and what we have is new. we just need stuff to but our stuff in!

I have to say though, we arent great with investigators right now, (we will see this week what we can do though :) ) but i guess it always that we have great investigators. I just like to think in every area, there is at least one person that needs what we have and Im there for a reason to help them find that. in this way is the work of the Lord. He knows at the least why im here, and so, that is enough for me!

But, on to how the week was!

Tuesday, i felt was pretty good! (still living in the hotel at this point) but we contacted a bit, found a less active, met with the branch president and learned what his goals were for the branch. and after the meeting, he gave us dinner too! it was our most productive day in the hotel that we had had before.

Wednesday we had to go to a different area for a zone meeting. (it was kinda odd, since we live with the zone leaders here in Cruz del eje, but I found out later why) So, after a couple discourses, practices, lunch, the zone leaders stood up and announced that we were going to do a splash in Capilla del monte! (a splash is where missionaries from other areas all go to one area to contact and help the missionaries there find people to teach) So no one knew that we were going to do this, but in the end it turned out really well, and we found a ton of people to help those elders out.

Thursday was a pretty long, boring day, well not boring, just, we moved all day, with an intercambio thrown in there. The morning was composed of waiting for the realitor to give us the keys, then after lunch we started an intercambio with the other elders in our district. The thing was is that we were moving, so, we really just spent time in the appartment unpacking, as I tried to direct my companion on what to do to help since the ZLs had an appointment with someone that night.

Friday, I explained the day in my journal as... unorthidox. i guess a lot of things happened that I didnt expect. We went contacting in the morning ( we dont do that much) then after lunch we left an visited people (elder pryor had gotten back by then) during the day we were walking past a house where a couple of men were drinking and smoking, and the called for us to come over. We talked with them for a bit (was hard to understand them) talked a bit about God, they offered us some beer, stuff like that. But the most funny part is that as we were leaving, one of the guys walks up to pryor, brings him close to him, then runs some marijuana under is nose and says do you like this? Elder pryor kindly denied the weed, but the man just put the roll of it in his pocket! so... yeah, now we have weed... and no I dont plan on trying it out...

Saturday! well satuday was normal. walked around for a while visiting people, having citas fall through, stuff like that. But we did make some good citas for today and for the coming week. we also got a little dinner from one of the families here.

Sunday we woke up and went to church without any electricity. so it was pretty warm during the first part of sacrament meeting. (luckly the lights got back on about 10). But I met some families that I had never met before, and I think the members are starting to warm up to me in the ward.

That was the week, things are looking up for us, we just have to put in the work, and success will come!

I Miss you all! I hear there are quite a few big things happening back at home for some people, and I feel terrible I cant be there to see it all happen. but at the same time, I dont want to get too trunky now haha!
till next week


Elder Z


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