January 4, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

Well, this area has some good room for improvement :)

Heeeey, so, this past couple of days have been pretty different than in la rioja. Cruz del eje is pretty cool though! honestly it reminds me a bit of billings, just smaller, and with less room. the people here are kinda like the people in my last area, and well, there arent as many members here as there were in La rioja. I am pretty excited to work here though! At this point in time, we dont really have very many investigators, really, about 2 or 3. Since the elders that were here werent the best workers. But! I have high hopes and I going to work a ton to see a difference here!

But starting with last tuesday!

tuesday, haha we slept on the roof the night before because it was so hot inside the pension, but it turns out it gets cold at night, so I was freezing instead of being hot. the morning we went house hunting, since the contract that we have for this pension is going to end soon. But we worked a bit later that night, visiting a members home and visiting investigators with her.

Wednesday was pretty slow, and we didnt go out to work until a bit later. We had to come home early too so we could pack, which turns out we didnt have to since the elder in charge of the pensions in our mission couldnt come and approve the new one till a a couple days after.

Thursday we literally spent the entire day planning. I called in translado planning in stead of weekly planning. Since really, we had no idea where to go or what to do. We are still kinda lost, but at least we have a plan to find people to teach. It was also the new year! We went to a members home, had a huge dinner, watched fireworks at midnight, it was fun :)

Friday we tried to work, the problem was that since it was the new year, and everyone was awake the night before so late. So everyone that we tried to visit wasnt there... bad luck there. But we did spend some time talking to a member, by a river that runs through town (everyone goes there to go swimming)

Saturday we spent a ton of time after lunch looking for people, and it is pretty tough since really, we didnt find anyone we had planned for... It was a shame, but I am starting to get to know the area a bit more. we did get to talk to a less active and after talk to an investigator! that was good part of the day at the least.

Sunday, we had church at 9, so a bit different for me. But it was testimony meeting, and I got to give mine. Dos Santos told me how big a difference it was than my first time ever giving my testimony in spanish. It was pretty cool cause it feels normal now!
after church we tried to get a hold of a family we want to teach, but we had no luck there.

But for now, there isnt much more to report till I get my head on straight with this new area. Elder Pryor is a pretty cool guy, he is a convert of about 3 years, and He had a scholarship to play basketball at Utah State I think, and He used to live in colorado. Ill leave a photo of him included :)

Ill be sure to write ore about this new area too next email :)

I miss you all, Happy 2016!!!! and I Hope your new year is filled with good dreams pleasing to God and that he will bless you in your endevors.


Elder Z


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