December 29, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Minaga

I Moved!

Well, Hope that everyone had a awesome christmas, lots of presents and that you all felt the great spirit of christmas as our thoughts turned more to our savior. This week has brought a lot of changes, and a lot of cool experiences! First of all, I got transfered! Now, I am in a little city called Cruz Del Eje, and it definitly isnt as big as La Rioja, but I might feel more at home with a smaller city :) I just got here today at about 3. I left la Rioja at about midnight, went to cordoba, and then at about 11, went the way I came about 3 hours to here! So it was a bit of a waste of time, but, I cant complain.

I dont really know anything about the area yet so you all will have to wait till next week on the details with that. The really cool thing is that Dos Santos is here in the same appartment as me! it is really cool and definitly something that i didnt expect to happen, but yeah, im with my dad in the mission again! My new compainion is called Elder Pryor, but, i dont know too m uch about him yet either. That will come next time too!

But anyways, so, I forgot my journal, again, so ill be going off of memory here.

Monday, we had a family home evening with the family Villafañe which was nice, and that was monday, pretty much

Tuesday, ummm i dont really remember what happened. I think that we got to visit a few people, some new ones too other than the ones we usualy go to.

Wednesday, we did an inter cambio if I remember right. This day was a bit tough for me since, though we had 2 lessons that we taught, i didnt feel that I taught very well. Like, I feel that I made some pretty easy mistakes that could have been prevented, but the lessons still went well. We were able to help both of our investigators understand a little more. The intercambio was with elder barbosa too.

Thursday was pretty good. especially since we got to celebrate christmas! at midnight though... that part wasnt too fun, but yeah, they do christmas a little different here. A couple hours before midnight, everyone has a super big dinner. after that the partys start. (no we didnt go to any wild parties...) (we did spent the dinner at a members house :) ) so, at midnight, everyone, everywhere goes outside and lights of fireworks! for about 15 minutes, it is fireworks. it is super loud but it is pretty cool!

Friday, after getting up a little late, the day was pretty relaxing. We went to lunch and after lunch, we got to skype our families! we did it in one of the barbers shops of one of the members. that was super awesome and I felt a bit out of it after (well, I have felt pretty out of it this week, christmas and all, and transfers) after that we spent some time with a member that we have been working with.

Saturday was transfer day. We spent a good part of the day visiting people, converts too, since I had a pretty good Idea that I was going. But after all day working, we went to transfers and I learned that I was coming Here! I spent a good part of the night packing.

Sunday was kinda sad, after searching for people to bring to church, and visiting other people too, after chruch, the other elders had a baptism, so I was talking to members all day. Everyone said they would miss me, I think... haha

But now I am here in Cruz del Eje, (crooz, dell, eh-he) and I am ready to start a fresh! I hope that all of your new years celebrations go well, have fun spending time with family friends, be safe, enjoy your celebrations. We will watch fireworks here :)


Elder Z


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