December 21, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Minaga

I forgot my Journal... soo... we´ll see how this goes...

So! Last week was the conferencia navidad, which was amazing, and really fun. But now we had to go back to work. It is terrible, I know, esspecially when it is so hot here! The other day it was easily more than 108 degrees outside. Luckly I am starting to get used to the weather here, But it is kinda sad, because the other day, it rained and I felt so cold! and it was probably more than 70 degrees outside!

Im loosing my Montana-ness :(

Anyways, this week was super busy, but we found a ton of new people to teach who are actually interested! not like past weeks, but real good people!

Starting with wednesday, since I already covered last monday and tuesday in the last letter. From what I remember, we didnt get to do too much, but from the intercambio from the day before, we found quite a few new people from the other Elders. Wednesday after lunch, we got to teach a contact for once who is called Laura, and she is super interested since she is simply looking for the truth. She actually went to church a couple months ago, but didnt come back because she didnt have any friends there. But now we are going to work with her on that !

Thursday we had high hopes for the day, since tuesday Elder Minaga had found 2 really good people, But por suerte mal they weren´t there when we tried to visit. It was a shame, and for some of the people we couldn´t visit at the time we wanted to since later we had an actividad de estaca at 7. The activity went well though. we Worked with a bunch of the youth to try and find people to bring to the chapel to have an open house. There wern´t too many people who came in, but we did find a lot of contacts.

Friday we did some good contacting in the morning, and after lunch, we couldn´t find anyone to teach. But we did go to the chapel to help the Hermanas here with a baptizmal interview. After that we had the opritunity to go visit some families with a hermana in the branch here, and she helped us get to know them a bit.

Saturday, we tryed to have the activity again (since the activity was planned to be for 3 days) But no one was actually able to come... so we had to cancel this day. The rest of the day was working with recent converts and getting references. So, with Andrea, she is a treasure trove of references, but the thing is, she isn´t the best person to have there during a lesson. Every now and then, she says things that have nothing to do with what we are talking about. Like, we were talking to this new investigator (also named andrea) about prayer and about some of the problems she is having in her family, and then Andrea Comes in and starts talking about a story that Dos Santos had told her.(it was that one time, during a lesson, a girl was touching his leg during a lesson, and it awkward... yeah...) It was absolutely off topic and ruined the spirit there... I wasn´t too happy with her after, but of course I did say anything... Things we have to deal with in the mission...
But other than that, we had a ward christmas dinner, and that was super fun, there were also friends of members there that we got a few contacts with :) and ice cream of course.

Sunday we actually had some one come to church! There was a little girl, who is the niece of Maria that came and we didn´t even suspect it! So we are going to see what we can do with her this coming week. We also had the activity one more time, which started off a little shakey, since there was hardly anyone in the street, but more people started to show up, and it was a huge success! we found a really REALLY good investigator who we have a lesson set up for this next week, so, high hopes there.

There are so many good things starting to happen here again! With Dos Santos things were pretty good, but now after a couple really slow weeks, there is some progress! The sad thing is that it is possible that I am leaving this week to go to another area... Translados are on saturday, but I am excited to see what happens.

Also, IT IS CHRISTMAS THIS WEEK! the plan is to spend the day at members homes and spend time with them, but we will see! and of course, I get to Skype you guys!!! (ill let you know the plan in another email :) )

I hope all of your Christmas´ go well and full of light, love, spirit, and peace! Why shouldn´t it be? take the time to step back, no matter what you are going through, remember that we have a savior to comfort us, and If we truely desire it, we can have some rest through faith in him.

Feliz Navidad de Argentina!

Elder Z


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