December 7, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Minaga

A nice week (better than last week at least :) )

Now that I think about it, last week was pretty tough, but something must have changed in me since really, those though, down on me thoughts disapeared this week. At the same time, this week was still about the same as the week before. Still had a ton of people not want to talk to us, still people not coming to church. But I suppose that as I went about this week, I kept my mind in a different place. Haha, ill explain.
As I was sitting in chruch this week, I was thinking a little about why there isn´t as much success in the church, and why there are some members who dont seem to be fully partaking in the fruits of the gospel. But as these thoughts went on, a wonderful peaceful feeling came over me, and my thoughts changed to love for the people around me. All the members around me at church, in the streets, in the houses of people we visit. There is a reason that we are out here, and there is a God that loves us. Part of this might come from my study on faith the past couple of weeks. I suppose that part of faith is trusting in God in everything. There is nothing that he does not know, and he knows our situation. Faith in him that He know the people around us and loves them so much, that their eternal happieness is his goal. how can we not trust a being so loving and perfect. Things never go as planed in this life, satan makes sure of that, but God sees the end result. He can help us through those trials, stumbling blocks, and challenges to our faith. Trust in him, learn of him, that will bring peace to your hearts.

But of course, how did this week go :)

Well starting monday night, we do have someone who is going to be baptized this week, that we visited. The thing is that she is 8 years old, but her mother is a less active, grandmother an active member, so it counts as a ward baptism and not a mission one. We are still going to count it as a baptism though. Her name is jazmin, and she is such a fun loving girl! I will have pictures of her next week for sure for her baptism.

Tuesday started with finding some contacts in an area that we have been working in the past 2 weeks. Although no one as turned up great yet, we are still looking. after lunch we tried to visit Juana, but she was probably sleeping, but instead we talked to another investigator. Yoana is a friend of Juana, and though she wants to get baptized, she doesnt have a testimony in the book of mormon and she isn´t maired to her boyfriend yet. we are working on that. We kept visiting people like Maria, Andrea, and also one of Dos Santos converts for a family home evening.
I did have to stop half way through my journal writing to have a push up contest with elder Royster. I didnt find out why till the next day.

Wednesday we had a zone conference with the Mission president. During one of the discourses of the Zone leaders, they had me do 15 push ups for each person there in the lesson (about 12 people) so that they could have a cookie. It is like Christ and the atonement, that he suffered for everyone, and it is their choice to accept the atonement or to not (the cookie). I hurt like crazy after though. After that though, I got to have an interview with the Mission president, and He helped me out a lot with some struggles with talking to people that I have been having. After the zone conference at about 5, we went to visit some people, investigators, and members but I went with a missionary from chamical, a bit south of la rioja for an intercambio for the day, and the day after.

Thursday we spent a huge part of the day doing service at a members home (see included pictures) which was super fun since we got to knock down a wall! so that was fun, but after we didnt have much time to visit people. We did get to teach the Brother of Maria, and though he has some problems in his life, I think he can get better! We did have to go to a meeting right after so that is all we had time for.

Friday, after finishing up the intercambio, we had weekly planning, had lunch, and took a nap (yes we have permission :) ) we planned a bit for the baptizm of Jazmin. She is pretty excited for it. after that we spent some time in the area of the hermanas looking for people that they could teach since they havent found too many people to teach lately, which is too bad. After finding a family, we went back to our area and talked with an investigator for a bit, and then went to a members home. There we learned of a ton of references that she has for us, and that she wants to visit with us! Fingers crossed there.

Saturday we started the morning looking for a contact (that we meet on the street) but couldnt find. we did find a really good contact instead that we are going to visit sometime this next week. After lunch we spent a ton of time looking for people to teach, contacts, old investigators, but no one was there. We spent some time instead talking to a member, and during our conversation, I found out were Levi Selfridge lives, in Rio Cuarto, which is another area in our mission. So, one day, I do hope that I get sent there and I can talk to him!
after that though, we got to teach Estefania, her sister, and one of their friends! The lesson went super well, and I think the spirit was pretty strong there. The night turned out really well!"

Sunday, we couldn´t find anyone to bring to church, but as I said Above, it ended up being a great spiritual experience for me. (oh and my bike has a flat again...)

Haha, but that was the week, Ill try to keep this good attitude up this next week.

I hope you all are doing well and as christmas is coming up, that you will be able to feel the spirit testify of the Christ and of our God.

Til next week

Elder Z


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