December 1, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Minaga

Slowly moving along

Ok, so this week wasn´t as productive as the week before, but that is because we weren´t in La Rioja for a day. I mean, we still worked super hard the rest of the week, but we kinda had an extra day off ( I did at least :) )

Tuesday, Started off at midnight, getting on the bus to cordoba so elder minaga could attend a meeting for new district leaders at the mission home. We arrived in Cordoba at about 6 in the morning, and had to wait alone at the mission offices till about 8 or 9 when the officinas got there. During the day, I hung out with them, started working on my ID de argentina, and after all the meetings that elder minaga had to go to, at about 5, we helped out the officinas with some of there mission work in Cordoba. It was pretty cool, and I wouldn´t mind working in cordoba for a time. But after that we did have to wait till about midnight again to catch our bus back home. (pretty much a full day)

Wednesday, we got back home about 6 in the morning, and then proceeded to sleep till about 9. after that we had district meeting, and lunch. the day overall was pretty poor. 10 out of the 11 people that we had planned on visiting weren´t there or couldn´t talk with us. At the same time, I realized the importance of working with members, since really they know the area the best, they know who is ready and who is not.

Thrusday, we put that into practice and talked a lot with our recent converts and with members. We set one or 2 family home evenings for this next week, and got a ton of references. On the down side, our bikes broke again on the way to a meeting with the branch president, (AND it was raining) so we had to walk a good half hour in some light rain to get to the chapel. then we found out that the meeting was canceled... yeah.

Friday was even tougher. We started getting the bikes fixed, and then going to an appointment, who ended up not being there. But then our bikes broke again! So we had to get those fixed before lunch, but Elder Minaga´s bike took too much time to fix, so we had to got to lunch in colectivo. We got to the house of the member that we were having lunch with, and she wasn´t there (ends up the other elders never confirmed lunch with her, and we couldn´t since we didnt have a cell phone. we had made sure they knew too!). We rode the bus all the way back to the appartment, had lunch there, and then got the bike back.
Anyways, after that, we visited some investigators of the sister missionaries in our district to bless their house. it ended up being a really good experience.
But then on the way to the next appointment we saw to dogs get hit by a car! I really dont have too much drama for them since they were comeing out on the street to chase us... they had it coming for them!

And it was thanksgiving, so we bought a nice tub of icecream and ate that for our dinner :)

Saturday we contacted quite a bit during the day and found some good contacts. after lunch though, elder Minaga and Royster (the new zone leader here) went to go get their hair cut, which took till about 5, so we didn´t have a ton of time to visit people that day.

Sunday we spent a lot of time looking for people to bring to church, but no one wanted to go, or wasn`t there. it was a shame, really right now we dont have a ton of good investigators. We need to work on that though, I am hopeing that some of our contacts will turn out good. It was the primary program during church today, and it was pretty cute haha.

Well, I guess i figured out this week that sometimes, the work isnt going to be easy, and that sometimes there wont be very many people that we can visit, or acctually want to listen, but that is the Lords way of preparing us to teach someone who is really ready to listen to his word and accept him into their lives. Each day is a challenge and a blessing, a trial and a lesson.

Till next week,

Elder Z


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