November 23, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Minaga

Lomg week...

Well, yeah, this week felt like ages. Any of you that have been on a mission could probably relate to this first week away from your papi (trainer). For me, it has ment that I have acctually had to put in more work, talking to people, coordinating things, starting to teach lessons. Before, Dos Santos was just such a talker that I could just let him talk to everyone, and I would talk the little that I could. It is deffinitly different now. I have to be a missionary now! it is terrible!

Joking, of course, This week has been pretty tough, but at the same time I have learned a lot, and I have grown in such short a time. Esspecially in my faith. One thing that I have tried to do every 3 weeks is to start studing one of the attributes of christ and then creating a plan on how I can develope it. This week, the impression came to me that I should study faith. As I studied in preach my gospel, and prayed and created goals, and thus worked on them, I have seen how greatly it has blessed me this week. Really this week could have been a lot harder than it was if I hadn´t taken the time to develope my faith. The best part is that I still have 2 weeks to work on it!

Anyways, there is the spiritual part of the week, now on to what happened.

Tuesday, we contacted a TON! and we found 7 new people, (this is a theme for the rest of the week) (Dos Santos didn´t leave us with very many people to teach) During the day, we taught an investigator about the Plan of salvation, and she has the desire to be baptized, but we need to talk to her boyfriend first (common problem here, people dont like getting married) After her though, we talked with Andrea and her kids for a while, getting them ready to be confirmed!

Wednesday was the only day we didn´t really contact very many people. On the other hand, we did teach another investigator about the plan of salvation and commited him to baptism! We need to talk with his family too. (this one is married :) ) After we talked with a part member family, and we are planning to have a family home evening with them tonight.

Thrusday felt pretty tough for me, contacting was tough, no one was home, and we had a couple of meetings, so we couldn´t work a ton. We did talk to andrea again, and started her and her kids reading the book of mormon cover to cover.

Friday, we started the day walking down one street in an area that Ive never been before, and what do you know we found 4 contacts on that street! after that though, we didn´t get back to work until about 5 after lunch, and a nap, and I went out with Elder Barbosa since his companion was sick. we visited and taught some of his investigators.

Saturday aparently was a super long day. nearly none of our plans worked out. we did have lunch with a part member family (they have 2 grandkids that want to be baptized!) and later in the day we talked with an old investigator, who just went through a tough breakup with her husband, and we taught her a bit about the plan of salvation, and commited her to be baptized.

Sunday, we weren´t able to bring anyone of our investigators to church, but the 2 grandkids of the member we had lunch with saturday came to church! good sign from them! we did have to stay in the pension the rest of the day after church since there were presidential elections here in argentina yesterday. there was a chance that there would be protests, so we had to stay indoors.

So this week we found 23 new people to teach! which is pretty huge! Dos Santos did tell me the best thing to do when you move to a new area is to contact a ton, in order to find new investigators. So that is what we did, and we have a couple that look to be good!

That was my week. I know some of you had some great weeks, visits from family, school dances, stuff like that. I wish I could be a part of it, but I know I have a work here to do!
till next week,


Elder Z


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