November 16, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Minaga

Nuevo Companero!

Well not sure where to start with this week. Right now, just trying to think of what happened this week, haha Im not sure why it is so difficult to think! maybe It is because I am thinking about it in english. (yes, I am starting to think more and more in spanish!)

The big things that happened this week was one, translados, (transfers) and that we had 3 baptisms on saturday! My new companion se llama elder Minaga, from South Jordan Utah! He has been in the mission for about 15 months now, he likes basketball, and that is about all I know about him so far haha! We have only been together here for about 12 hours, so, we don´t know eachother very well yet. It was pretty sad to see Dos Santos go, but, that is how it is with every trainer I am sure. At the same time, it was probably good that he left, since this entire week, he was pretty unfocused on the work.

Let´s start with tuesday. We started after lunch with visiting Marcelo (The son of andrea) and watching him play minecraft for a while, talking with him, and then teaching him about the restoration. We helped Andrea afterwards to understand and prepare a little more for her baptism. Later that night, we had some hamburgers from the familia Oliva!

Wednesday was a pretty good day, we got our haircut after our morning studying, and had lunch with the same person that cut our hair, (he is a memeber, so the haircuts were free too!) Later we went to Nicolaza and Deborah again, and we taught them. Nicolaza actually got me a tie for my birthday! I only got it then since we hadn´t been able to visit her after then for a while.

Thrusday, after Talking with some of our recent converts, we eventually got to teach Andrea again, and we taught her about the restoration, with the help of Marcelo too! During the lesson too, Marcelo decided that He wanted to be baptized, (since he hadn´t been sure until then) and that was a pretty neat thing that happened. On the downside of thrusday, our meeting with the branch president lasted till about 11 that night.

Friday wasn´t very good, I was on an intercambio with Elder Barbosa, and we had a ton of Citas (lessons) planned for the day, (set lessons too) and all of them fell through. We did talk to a few contacts, but... wasn´t a great day.

Saturday was a bit better, mostly because we had 3 baptisms! Andrea, Zaira, and Marcelo were baptized, and I performed the baptizm for Andrea, and I could really tell how much her baptism ment for her. It was one of those really good experiences as a missionary, where it all went right! After spending the rest of the day talking to our converts, we went to the Senior couple missionary´s home to find out where all of us were going for translados! Dos Santos and Elder Lac got called to be Zone Leaders in different areas, and so, now we have Elder Minaga, and Another elder (can´t quite remember his name...) Here serving in La Rioja!

Sunday, after stake conference (and singing in the choir), we had lunch with the Familia Oliva, (we stayed there for a good 4 hours) and spent the day again visiting our converts and members. at about 10:30, Dos Santos decided to head back and pack, and as a result, he nearly missed the bus to his new area at 11:45. Let´s just say im not going to miss that part about him. But at the same time, now I need to step up and start working together more with my new companion than I did with Dos Santos. He is a really good missionary, and Ill miss working with him.

That was this week anyways, we will see how this week with the new comp goes. Ill pray that it will go well!

Let me know how all of you are doing! I love to hear from you all every week, and I am keeping all of you in my prayers!


Elder Z


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