November 9, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Qué dificil la obra misional...pero, hay muchas bendiciones

alright, so, im trying to remember how this week went, and Im not really sure. haha I may have been hit a few too many times in the head playing paintball again this morning. I can´t help it! Paintball is amazingly fun!

This week was really a reminder, even though I am finishing up my training, this next week, I still have an absolutly have a ton of things that I need to learn, esspecially language and teaching wise. Every person that we teach is different, and not all are going to understand the principles of the gospel right away. Really, all of God´s children have their own ways of doing and learning things, but it is up to me as a missionary to listen to the holy ghost to know what to do or what to say. Ive got to practice it for sure, and I am glad that I have Dos Santos with my to help me. (for one more week at the least, it is possible that he is going to leave this next week for transfers)

Anyways, starting with last Monday, since it was my birthday! After writing and everything, a family(less active) had a party for me! It was fun, there was cake, I had a good time.

Now! for tuesday. we taught Andrea after lunch, and after talking to her for a good hour about baptism, and all that, we got to talk to her kids a little bit too! we got to know them for the most part, didn´t really teach them anything, but I remmeber Andrea said to them, ´´Ok, so the 14th of novmber, I am going to be baptized by these elders, and I want you to be baptized with me.´´ How awesome is that! her daughter really wants to be baptized now, the son we are still making sure, but both are awesome. After them, we watched the restoration with Juana and her Kids, which was pretty cool. they seemed to like it, and it taught them a bit more about the church, Joseph smith, and really feel the message of the resoration.

Wednesday, oh yeah, monday through wednesday, it was raining. for the most part, we were in houses and realativly dry most of the time. except for wednesday night... our bikes had broken again (big suprise no?) so we had to walk to the bike shop a good 15 minutes away. as soo as we started walking, it started to pour, and I didn´t have my rainjacket with me. so we finally get to the bikeshop to find that is was closed for the night. so we had to walk alll the way bake to the pension completely soaked, to the bone really haha! I swear I have never been so soaked in my life! but it was still fun!"

Thrusday we taught Maria, still super strong, and said to us, ´´ so I was getting ready for this test that I had in the morning, so I decided to pray to god to help me get good marks, and then I got my test results and I got a 10! (like, a 10 out of 10)´´ She did this all on her own too! (im so proud of her!) after we talked to her, we taught andrea again, and I am finding it a little discouraging that I cant understand her, and because of that, she is always focused on Dos Santos. That and she loves to talk, and when I sstart to talk to her, she doesn´t let me... but otherwise, she is doing amazingly!

Friday, we weren´t able to find anyone to teach, and after a long day, Dos Santos and I just talked at the pension. (The other elders were still out until about 10:30) and It was just him and I, and It really helped me relax after the long day, and long week. He is really starting to become a good friend, and I really hope he stays in La Rioja for one more transfer!

Saturday we started off doing some service for one of the members in the ward, putting up some wood so he could pour concret. after that, we talked to Andrea, her brother, and andrea´s kids for quite some time. They are super open to the gospel, and agree with a lot of what we say to them. The only thing is that the son, and the brother think that in order to be baptized, you need to have studied everything, learned everything, be completely without fault, but of course this shouldn´t be the case! the scriptures explain clearly in D and C 37 (or 36) the requirements for baptism. But we will work with them anyways. (they want baptism though!)

Sunday, well, was sunday, so we didn´t work much, but Andrea, her kids and her brother all came to church! (2 baptisms for sure this saturday!) and after, I sung for choir practice for stake conference next week. After that, we talked to Estefania (who we haven´t been able to teach much) and set an acita (apointment) with her sí o sí for this next wednesday. high hopes for her.

But that was the week, we have been focusing a lot on Andrea and our recent converts so, we haven´t had many new investigators. Close to 0 acctually. But it is good that we are focusing on bringing people to baptizm, and then after them, we can focus on the next!"

I love and miss you all! If there is anything that I can do from here, I want you all to tell me!
But untill next week,


Elder Z


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