November 2, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Happy birthday to me!

Alright so! today is my birthday! ill say it has been good so far, already had an egg get smashed on my head. But Dos Santos and I went out for lunch with the hermanas, (they got me a cupcake!) and we watched a movie at the Senior couples home in our area. Now it is a little later than I would like writing this, since we have an appointment at 6:30 and it is already 5:15, but ill do my best to get in what happened this week!

I first want to clear up what mate is, haha, in spanish, you say it like mah-teh, and it is a tea, (herbal, dont worry) I completely forgot what mate was in english! hahaha sorry for all of the confusion that may have caused! Anyways, Ill start with tuesday!

Tuesday was absolutly incredible! We had such an amazing experience with a new investigator later in the day. Her name is Andrea, and when we first were talking to her, it seemed to me that it was just going to be a bit of a bible bashing session, and then she wouldn´t be interested. But as we kept talking to her, she started to change, her attitude about us, she became more open. Eventually, we asked her this question, ¨what do you imagine Christ is like?¨ She then responded with saying that she always sees Christ with white hair, surrounded by light, but she said she could never imagine his face. At that moment, I felt impressed to share my painting of Christ, and when she saw the painting, she started to break down. ¨this is what I see¨ she said. ´now I now there is something different about you guys¨. THEN, we commited her to baptism, and we asked her if the 14th would be ok, (we could´ve picked the 7th) and that turns out to be the birthday of her son! AND THEN, at the end of the lesson, as we were leaving, she told us that she had been fasting and praying to know what church to be baptized in. all I could think of the rest of the night, was that my painting was going to bring someone to the gospel of Christ!

Wednesday wasnt nearly as exciting as the day before, but is was still good. We found Nicolaza and deborah again, and were able to teach them again after at least a month since the last time we saw them. It was a good lesson that we had, and I think that Deborah is going to be really good!

Thursday wasn´t all that great, we tryed to teach andrea again, but she seemed to be distracted and not focused. She has a ton of questions, and I have a tough time understanding her, but we haven´t given up on her! at the end of the day, several of the other missionaries in our zone came to our appartment to sleep there, since in the morning we had zone conference. So we had 8 people in one tiny room, and one thing about latinos is that they love to talk, so they didn´t be quiet till about 1:30 in the morning. our bus left at 4:45 that morning...

Friday we had zone conference with another Zone in Catamarca, about 2 hours north of la rioja. I was a good experience, and I learned a lot from President alluid, and he told us that we can take naps in between 3;30 and 4:30, (since between about 3 and 5 everyone is asleep for the siesta). what other mission lets you take naps!

Saturday was entirely unproductive, since we got back home about 12´00 the night before from zone conference, and Elder Lac´s companion was sick, so I had to stick with him the entire day. On the other hand, they had a baptism, along with the hermanas. So between when I got up and about 7, I just sat there.... The really fun part of the day was after 7! We got to eat the head of a Cow at a members home! (it is not as gross as it seems, you just have to know what parts are the best!) I find tongue a little too soft, but it isn´t bad! I prefer the sides of the jaw, nice and sweet that meat.

Sunday, We were able to teach Andrea again after church, at the church ( since she came with us!) and we really put our foot down with her, so we were able to teach a lot, and she seems to have learned more than thursday. I also sung in the chior again, I think we are going to sing in church next week!

So that was my week, Tuesday really was incredible, and It is true that God loves his children and anwsers prayers when we are humble enough to recieve them.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday too! (Email, facebook or otherwise!)


Elder Z


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