October 26, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

All is well!

So, I want to start out clearing up what happened last week with our investigators not showing up to their baptism. So, Last sunday (two sundays acctually by now ) was El dia de la madre, which is mothers day here in argentina! Juana acctually lost her mother a couple months ago, and that really depressed her, and she didn´t want to come because she was so overwhelmed by that. On the bright side, her children and Her, plus Adrian, were baptized this last saturday! (that makes 8 baptisms in my first area!)

Haha, it is pretty funny that I celebrate at 8 baptisms, while Dos santos has been telling me that his parents when they were missionaries baptized several hundred people! that is pretty incredible! still, how great is my joy even with 8 people :)

Anyways, ill start on the week, which, was really quite... well, im not sure what the right word is... slow, productive, fast, and unproductive all at the same time. Ill try my best to explain.

Last tuesday was the day that we figured out what happened with Juana, all turned out to be ok! We also found one of our investigators homes ( we had taught her with Juana before) Yoana, and we commited her and her daughter to baptism! although she is going to be tricky since her boyfriend and her live together still, and she loves the catholic saints. Our other investigator, Veronica we taught also, she commented that she really felt the spirit the last time that we talked to her. Shame though, we haven´t been able to talk to her since, becuase her mother who lives in cordoba isn´t doing so well...

Anyways, Wednesday, haha, there is a family, (who is kinda less active, they cant really go to chruch since they are robbers, and they cant find a different job) but we love the heck out of them, yet... well it was about 7:30 pm, they had been trying to call us all day (our phone is broken) and finally they sent us a text, ´´urgent! come now!´´ so we paniked and thought something was wrong. We biked all the way accross our area, and when we finally got there, they just had some pizza for us...
On the bright side, we did get to talk with an investigator, Estefania, and she is starting to progress!

Thrusday, we talked a lot with Adrian and juana, and I learned how to play a game with marbels! that was fun. haha, but not much happened that day

Friday, I spent the day with elder Lac. Spent an age at lunch though. (elder Lac. loves to talk.) (it can be kinda annoying at night when I want to go to bed) (but it is also nice to be able to talk to someone freely in english!). Spanish wise though, I am trying to take more initative talking to people since I am starting to be understand people!

Saturday, of course, was the baptizms! it took ages to get Juana and Adrian to the chapel, (since Juana has her 3 kids, and there was 3 other kids that she was watching for someone) but 3 hours after the service started, they were baptized! The rest of the day we just contacted as many people as we could, and not much else.

Sunday was really slow for me, but, since everyone around here loves my deep singing voice, i joined the chior! ( they needed more people anyways) so, Now I can preach to the choir, i suppose hahah!

That was this week!

On a spiritual note, I´ve been learing a lot about charity the past couple of weeks, and after making and following through on goal,s, I can already see what kind of difference it has made in the work and in my life/ relationships with others. All of that came from a simple prayer, asking god, Hey, what Can I improve on. The word Charity came directly to my head. God Knows what we need, and what we need to improve on, esspecially some things before other things. A simple prayer too, it is amazing how simple God works, How by simple means can God bring about Mighty works!

I love and MIss you all! And I want the best for you!


Elder Z


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