October 19, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Quick/Long Week

Hola everyone!

just want to start with this... THREE BAPTISMS FELL THROUGH THIS WEEK :( ill give more on that in a bit.

Starting with last Monday. After all the preperation of the day, we got back to work later in the day. Around 8:00 we went to a family´s home that had invitied us over for their family home evening. A husband and wife, one of them a recent convert (other was an inactive) and they had prepared a family home evening message just for us! They had scriptures, testimonies, we sung a hymn and everything! It was so amazing to see just how powerful the gospel is to help and change people for the better. (plus they made empanadas for us :) ) So it was such an uplifting experience, and It helped me out a lot!

Tuesday, We found out that two of our investigators had broken up (Juana and adrian) but they also still wanted to be baptized! so We weren´t able to talk to Adrian the entire week, but we prepared Juana and her kids for baptism this week. (but yes, they are the 3 mentioned above... ill explain why later) but after that we visited Maria, she is still strong, and so much happier than when we first saw her! it was overall a good day

Wednesday Dos Santos went to another city for the day so I worked with the other missionary from that area for the day, elder West, but it was a pretty good day! We started talking with Juana, helped her figure out how to quit smoking, and strengthened her. After that we contacted, visited contacts, and found a really good contact that is super interested in the book of mormon. Dos Santos and I taught her (Estefania) the next day, and when we showed her the BOM she said, ¨hey! can I mark this just like yours!?¨ So I have high hopes for her. After that, We were able to teach Sonia, she has been going through a lot the past couple of days, so, I hope that she will be able to feel better soon.

Thursday our bikes broke again ( we pretty much spent the rest of the week walking) This day was spent focusing on Juana and her kids, we took her to a member familys home and had a mini testimony meeting with her. shared a message about baptism, and it seemed to have gone really well.

Friday, since the zone leaders needed to interview Juana and her kids for baptism, we were on intercambio the rest of the day (Elder barbosa and I) We couldn´t find anyone to teach though... We eventually went to a members home about 8:30 and had mate (can anyone tell me if there is mate in the united states?) (seriously it is the best stuff ever!)

Saturday, well, this was the day the baptisms were supposed to be on. We spent the entire day getting ready for Juana and her Kids to come, and eventually she just made excusses not to come. Nothing got done otherwise

Sunday, we tried to talk to Juana to figure out what happened before church, she did say anthing about it, and so we just invited her to chruch. (she ended up not coming...) (Adrian did though!) but after chruch we tried to talk to her again, but she ´wasn´t there´ (she really was, but for some reason refused to talk to us..) So this week we are deciding to give her some space, and later this week talk to her. We really have no idea what happened since before she was very excited to be baptized, and now... well, ill report on it next week if anything there changes

Overall this week has taught me a lot about keeping my head up high, how to think about others, and How I can improve as a missionary. Honestly, as a missionary, I have such a long ways to go. but I also know that I can depened on the Lord, SInce he is always willing to help me. I am almost done reading jesus the Christ, and what an experience it has been to read in such detail and such powerful testimony that Elder Talmage has to offer about our Savior. Christ really suffered all that we could possibly suffer, and He knows exactly how to help us when we ask for it.

But this was the week, I hope you all are doing well, and I love and miss you all!


Elder Z


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