October 12, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Week 12!

Hello outside world!

Really, normal life is so weird now, all of today i had no idea what to do with myself. (that means that I am really a missionary now right?)

Anyways, Ill start with last tuesday, We started the day as normal, but during language study, dos santos told me that he wanted to start learning english, so, i get to look forward to teaching him english while i learn spanish!
anyways, we did commit a couple to be baptized this next week! (great way to start the week right?!) on the downside, they are only a couple, and not married, so the rest of the week was focusing on that(but they really really want to be baptized! and their children!) we also got a piece of cake from Maria our recent convert!

Wednesday was pretty boring. We only got to talk to a less active, and we contacted a lot. On the bright side, I did learn a lot about the workings of the spirit. other than that, pretty slow day.

Thursday, was very similar to the day before, we only were able to talk to some recent converts, since all of our appointments fell through. I suppose that´ll happen a lot. but, i also need to have faith in others!

Friday, we started with zone conference, which was pretty good i think. but at the same time, we only got to start working at 5, but during that time, we got to visit an old contact, and teach a lesson to her! Her door was acctually broken, so we had to teach her through her window, but she seems really interested!

Saturday was raining and freezing all day! (which i didn´t think was possible in la rioja!) we found a ton of people contacting, and we got to teach adrian and juana (the couple from earlier) about either getting married or seperating through the law of chastity, and I hope that they do decide on one or the other instead of passing on the chance to be baptized. They are genuinly interested, so I hope they prayerfully make the right choice!

And Sunday, we started with teaching a lady whom we had been trying to teach for a while, and the lesson went really well! she says she has gone to other chruches in the past but has never felt anything from them. We gave her a book of mormon, and asked her to read, I can only hope that the lord blesses her with the spirit to testify of the truth of it.
Later during church we had 4 investigators come to church, 2 were contacts, and the others were adrian and juana,so that was good!

that has been the week! I would talk a little bit more, but this keyboard at this internet cafe has seen too many years, and it is terribly frustrating to type on.

I hope that you all are doing well! Remember that I love you all and pray for you often!

Elder Z


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