October 5, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Week 11!


Well, I wish I had more to report on this week , but in reality, it was a really slow, unproductive week. Ill get into why later (awefully frustrating too...)(wait, working on that patience thing...) but It was a good oppritunity to learn a lot, especially during general conference! ill share my feeling on that a little bit latter.

Starting with last tuesday, a lot of appointment fell through, which was a shame. At the end of the day though, we met with a family that has been trying to figure out if the book of mormon is true for at least 9 months. At one point I felt prompted to share a scripture in 1 nephi 15:11 i think, and told them how, if they really want to know, they need to have faith, that if they want to recieve an answer, they need to live in a way that invites the spirit. if they don´t, they will never get an answer (God doesn´t just respond to curiosity, right?) we haven´t seen that family since then, but I hope that we get to visit them this week, and see if anything has changed!

Wednesday, I didn´t do any work the entire day. after the morning, lunch, and getting our haircuts, we went back to our appartment for a moment to find elder lacature and Mora there, while Lac was super sick. So, Instead of leaving them there to go work, I was asked to stay with Lac and Elder Mora and Dos Santos would go out and work. I spent the rest of the day studing, and Elder Mora and Dos Santos got one of our investigators to commit to baptism! along with her son too! which is awesome, I just wish I could´ve been there!

Thursday, we started the day with teaching one of our newer investigators about the law of chastity. Her and Her boyfriend are investigating the church, but they live together. (other than that, they read the book of mormon a lot, and are really progressing!) Other than that, a lot more appointments fell through, but during a meeting with the ward mission leader, I spoke really well about our investigators to him! Language is progressing! (i mean, really well at this point!)

Friday, well, I wrote in my journal that it was a complete dud. we had intercambios with the zone leaders ( elder Lac and Dos santos went to another city to inverview a family of 8 for baptism! ) but elder Mora actually left for home yesterday. during this week, he was going through what elder Lac told me was ´´´dying´´ and we didn´t do any work during the intercambio. we actually went to a members house (after being at the appartment most of the day) at 6:30 and we didn´t leave till 10:30. (yes, my patience was indeed tried)

But I like to see that experience as what not to do when I get to the end of my mission. Honestly, I want to endure to the end, work until my last moment as a missionary. A friend of Elder Lac, told him that he sees many returned missionaries go back to addictions and ´stupid teenage boy´ actions, he could tell that they didn´t endure to the end. I dont want that.

Anyways, back to the week,

Saturday and sunday. Well, general conference, so yeah, nothing got done the past two days, but I had so many spiritual witnesses and guidance, I dont know where to start! ( well, i mean, some of the personal revelation that I recieved is probably for me only, but ill share my feelings on the sunday morning session) So, starting with President monson. I remember from the night before, he was doing rather well! walking on his own, strong during his address, and seemed fine. But when his strength started to fail him that morning, The thought came to me, It is because the spirit of God is speaking through him, and causing him to have lack of strength. In the scriptures, this is not unique, many prophets, nephi, ammon, and others while preaching with power and the word of God, they had no strength and the end of their addresses. This is the same as what happened to our prophet yesterday. That set the rest of the session for the spirit to speak. (remember many testified of the presence of the spirit) I felt it for sure, so strong and guiding my thoughts. I would take special heed to what was said during that session. but also, as the spirit guides you, do what the Lord would have you do, and learn what he would have you learn.

Oh! and when elder Stanfill stood and talked about the hyawatcha trial! when he said montana, I completely lit up, as I always do haha!

That is it for the week though, I hope you all are doing well, I hope you got home safely Mom and Dad! I love and miss you all!

till next week, (and hopefully a productive week)

Elder Z


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