September 29, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

I wanna say week 10? no idea...

Another week has gone by! A kinda long week, not sure why, but we did get a lot done and it was very productive!

Starting with last monday! So, after writing and all that, we went to the chapel and played some soccer (for once!) yeah, we actually havent played soccer yet until now, kinda amazing. But that was pretty fun, and all the argentines are all so much better than me! it is kinda depressing haha.

tuesday, was a bit unfortunate, since Dos Santos lost his planner biking to an investigator´s home, and it had all of our contact´s names and information, so, that was a bit disapointing, and we kinda are starting from scratch with contacts now. However! The Lord has been very merciful to us and blessed us with a ton of really good investigators! I will get to them eventually. tuesday we did meet with a friend of one of our recent converts, and she seems fairly interested, along with her husband.

Wednesday was actually really really good! we started with district meeting in the morning, and afterwards, Dos santos left with a different missionary, and Myself with another missionary that came into the mission the same time I did started working! So, this is how it was. Two new missionaries that barely speak the language going out (with hardly a plan since we didnt have a list of contacts) but actually being able to do work! We started out going to an investigator´s home, her not being home, and then trying a different investigator that lived close by. Just as we were about to leave his door, he came up on his motorcylce and said to us ¨hey! where have you guys been, ive been wanting to learn more about your church!" more or less. So! we got a lesson set up for him and went to a different area after. There we meet one of the less actives that we knew about and talked with him for a while. (one we got him to comit to come to church again) and then one of his friends came outside to us and said, " oh yeah, I want to be baptized into your church." Elder Maclive and I just looked at eachother, and said " alright! here is a pamphlet that talks about baptism, when can we meet with your?" So, wednesday was a pretty good day!

Thursday, I should mention that our bikes keep breaking on us, so the good part of the day after lunch was spent waiting at a members home waiting for the bikes to be fixed. I watched the Croods in spanish, it was a nice break. Afterwards we meet with a referal (which ended up being 3 people) Juana, Joana and Adrian. All of whom are pretty interested! After that we went to chapel for a meeting (took about 2 hours to start...) and then back home!

Friday, we meet with another referal from a less active, Sonia, and taught her. The lesson ended up being really good! the rest of the day was spent mostly getting contacts

Saturday, (sorry no baptizms :( ) but! all is good since we taught Juana, Joana, and adrian the Restoration lesson! They were all really into it, and seemed to like what they were hearing. They all agreed to read the book of mormon, and go to church! After that, we met with some of our recent converts, talked with them, and then actually went home, and Dos Santos got sick. I felt bad for him, since the entire day he was feeling terrible.

Sunday we were expecting about 10 investigators to come to church, and 5 did come. ( for us, that is just amazing!) After church though, we tried to find a hospital for Dos Santos, since he was still feeling terrible. AFter we finally found one that could help him right away, we just went back home and rested.

So, that has been this week. Very good, very uplifting, and also, I have learned so much from my studies. it is amazing what the book of mormon has to offer, and what one can learn when we study it. Seriously, some days it takes me the full hour of studytime to get through 10 verses y no mas. Just because I am sitting there thinking about the scriptures, pondering, writing about what i feel and think. The scriptures are one of the most amazing tools that we have to become closer to Christ and our heavenly father. If we seek them out in the scriptures and take the time to ponder what we read, the Lord will bless us with great personal revelation!

I hope you all are doing well back home. I know sometimes our lives can be tough, but remember to think of the future, and how it will be like if we keep our heads high!

I miss you all!

Elder Z


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