September 21, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Week... Cuál? I can´t remember!

So! This week was rather trying, but in the best way possible, because I have learned so much in the meantime! Starting off with the fact that my body has pretty much been dead all week. After paintball last week, my entire body was so sore for 2 or 3 days that I could barely get out of bed (or even bike around town the rest of the day!) And then on thursday, I got a huge headache, fever, cough, that pretty much lasted till last night. However! despite all these challenges, I decided not like last week to groan and mumble about it, but instead, I kept my head high, did what I could to treat my illness, and went to work. The difference has been so profound! This difference came from my study this week I think, and also from the advice of my mission president. We actually had invterviews with him this week on wednesday, and he suggested to me that I work on building patience (of course after relaying what happened last week to him) Who am I to deny his advice? So the next morning, I started to Study patience in Preach My Gospel and in the scriptures, and most importantly applying what I learned to the day. Patience I realized to so important on a mission, esspecially when we might be struggling (with compainions, the work, the members, investigators, etc. ) Realize that God works on his own time, when he knows the time is right, when he knows what is best for us, and when he knows that waiting a little longer- sometimes with some burdens too, can build us up so much, and bring us closer to him. I found this scripture in 2 Corinthians chapter 6:1 to 10 that describes exactly how to be patient.

Anyways, now for how the week went.

tuesday, We didn´t do very much, (we didn´t do much all week actually)afterlunch we did teach Maria and alehandro, and prepared them for their batismal interviews on thrusday. We then taught our other investigator Aimara, (the one we were going to baptize last week, but this week was ok :) ) and then went back home!

Wednesday was the interviews with the mission president. First of all, he is such an awsome guy, and works so well with us. I learned a lot from my interview with him, but on the downside, we didn´t get back to work until about 5 in the evening. OH! and there was an earthquake in chile that we felt here in La Rioja! (unfortunatly it was a magnitude 8.3 in chile, but here it was just a nice little shake) It was actually really cool since I have never felt an earthquake before!

Thursday, I was with one of the Zone leaders (Elder Lac., which isn´t his full name, but I dont know how to spell it, haha) but we went to a less active and convinced him to come to church, then went to Maria and alehandro for their interviews, which they passed! Afterwards, we went to the chapel, met with the mission leader, and then after, we celebrated one of the Hermana´s birthdays (which started with smashing eggs on her head...)(why? i dont know) but we had cake after, so all is good

Friday we tried to visit contacts (only 1 seemed to still be interested) and did interviews for the Zone leader´s investigators. not much else happened.

Saturday. Well, I know i havent mentioned it till now, but at this moment, I have 4 baptisms in the mission! mostly in part of this day. So the beginning of the day was super slow, since we didn´t actually leave the pension until about 4, but everyone else had district/zone leader stuff to do. At the baptism, we had 6 people total baptized, 3 of whom were investigators of dos santos and I. I baptized Maria, and Dos Santos Baptized Alehandro and Aimara. The water was freezing too! Alehandro looked like he was about to give up the ghost after he went into the water haha. But it was really great to see so many people go to the waters of baptism.

And sunday, well, was a typical sunday, and not much else happened again...

Anyways! I hope that YOu all are doing well, Im jealous that my parents are going on a cruise to italy on wednesday... By your letters and email, all seems to be going well! but in the meantime, I´ve got to go back to relaxing this p day, so..


Elder Z


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