September 14, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

2 Months being a missionary!

OK! lets begin with the fact that I have been a missionary for 2 months! Holy... time has flown by!

And now! last monday. So, I feel like some P days aren´t really relaxing as i think that they should be. We spent a lot of time walking around, and waiting an hour or 2 for lunch. (I acctually haven´t had lunch today either) and dos santos and I had to go back to the internet cafe for him to write his family for an hour or 2. I decided to spend that time finding good wholesome music on spotify. All is good!

Tuesday started off spending a couple hours at the chaple so that Dos Santos could interview one of the hermana´s investigators for baptism. She passed! after that we taught one of our investigators, Maria and her son Alihandro. They are both making really good progress, and we are going to baptize them this saturday hopefully! We ended the day at a less active´s home and they gave us pizza! (finally! something that I am familiar with!)

I acctually had pizza again at least 5 more times this week, and they dont quite make it like they do in the states. They just put sauce and eggs as toppings, and some meat and a little seasoning. It is not bad at all!

Wednesday, So my Companion left me after district meeting to a town 2 hours away so he could interview some of the other elder´s investigators, so for the next 2 days I was with One of the Zone leaders. We taught 2 of our investigators, Nicolaza and her grandaughter Deborah. We are having a lot of trouble getting her to try out the book of mormon, and she is awefully stubborn about it. Deborah on the other hand is a lot more open, and she is willing to read the book of mormon, she also wants to be baptized! (no date yet though, not until she attends church)

Thursday, I ate so much food... it was great and terrible at the same time... other than that, we taught maria and alihandro again, and it apears that she is really growing in her testimony. I really hope she is ready for baptism on saturday. (we acctually have 3 lined up for saturday to be baptized!)

Friday! Well, we made a lot of plans, and didn´t really follow through on any of them. That is one of the frusturating things about having a native companion, You really have no idea what is going on... but, we did teach Maria again, and then we visited with a family for a good while.

Saturday, we got to do some service at a special needs home! It felt great to do somthing I knew how to do ( language isn´t really progressing much, working on it though) i mean, I dont need to speak the language to do service! Later, we were supposed to baptize one of our investigators but didnt since her mother didnt want us to this week. (guess when I found that out!) yeah, I didn´t find that out until we got to the chapel... went the entire day thinking we were going to baptize her, but nope... My companion knew, but somehow didn´t think that I wouldn´t know that. Next we though, we will baptize her!

Sunday! We had about 4 or 5 investigators come to church, and that was pretty much the highlight of the day. the rest of the day was pretty rough. My head hurt, my leg had a twich, language was at a no understanding kind of point, and I found out the father of the investigator mentioned about has alligned himself with the devil... yeah... good stuff.

On the bright side, I feel awefully humbled this week, and I realized that I really need the lords hand in everything that I do. He is the best tool that we have in overcoming any challenge. And the best part is that he is only a prayer away and is always willing to lift our burdens IF we have faith that he will. Faith is so important here. Without faith, Christ will do nothing to help. we see that in the scriptures where people came to christ to see if he could do miracles, but he only performed miracles if the afflicted persons had faith that he could heal or bless them.

Well, I´m hanging in there, keeping strong with my companion and the support that you all give me.

until next week,

Elder Z


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