September 7, 2015


La Rioja, Argentina


Elder Dos Santos

Week 8!

2nd week in the mission, and I have already baptized somone! but we will get to that later :)

Starting with last tuesday.
Not much happended that day. Well, we found a couple really good contacts, through the day, and at the very end of the day we got to teach one of our contacts. Her name is Maria and her son Alejandro, along with her daughter, luz, but she is too young to teach.. The lesson went really well, and later that week, my compainion and one of the zone leaders taught her again ( i wasn´t able to go since i was helping the other zone leader with something, more on that later though) Maria and alejandro both accepted the baptizmal invitation and will be baptized in 2 weeks!

We had Zone conference on wednesday, although i didnt understand anything since it was all in spanish... Although, my spanish is getting a little bit better! ive spent the week practicing reading, grammer, and also writting down on notecards all the grammer rules, tips, how to´s and all that. So im starting to pick up on a lot more spanish!
after that we got to teach one of the contacts from the day before. Her name is Nicolaza and her grand daughter Deborah. She is probably 60 or more years old, but is really nice to us. We taught them about the plan of salvation (her husband passed away a little bit ago) and they really liked it! A couple days later we taught just nicolaza again, about the restoration. However, she is a firm beleiver in the bible (which is good!) and only the bible (not so good). We had to convince her that the BOM is the word of God just like the Bible, and finally got her to commit to try it out after I bore my testimony of it. It amazing what the spirit will help me do when I am teaching, as in the language was easier for me to speak while I was giving my testimony.

Thursday, I dont remember much of. That was the day that We split with the zone leaders. (i should also mention that myself and Dos Santos are in the same appartment as the zone leaders, so im pretty much set spiritually) So they have an investigator that wants to be baptized, but is 17 and needs parental approval, his mother though (who lives in a different home than him) is very much against the church. She is a former member who didn´t have a testimony in Christ, was probably offended at something in the past, left the church and is now apostate. while we were talking to her, the spirit completely left me, and i felt terrible talking to her. I felt so sorry for her and that so much of the light of christ had left her. That conversation with her effected me for the next two days.

Saturday was the baptism! So, first baptism of the mission is a young girl, 9 years old, Nicole Gonzalez, who´s mother is a convert as well. I was super nervous and practiced the baptismal prayer the entire day until the baptism. But it was really good, and I felt great after the baptism.
not much else happened on saturday

Sunday, we had 4 investigators come to church (amazing!) we gave priesthood blessings to a family (awsome!) Had a lunch that was more like a brazillian stakehouse meal (pig heart, intestine, steak, chicken, all that good stuff! execpt for kidney, I dont like that) and the same family gave us pizza later that night too. We taught one of our investigators and her friend that night, and overall, it was a good day!

During my studies this week, I have found so many scriptures in the bible and the book of mormon, only supporting and upholding this Work. My testimony has grown of the truthfulness of the gospel during these studies, and I have a lot to be thankful for this week.

i miss you all and wish the best for you! I pray everyday that the spirit will be with you all!

Elder Z

(and sorry, no pictures this week since I forgot my camera cord :( )


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