August 22, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Buckway

Week 6! Last week at the MTC!

Ok, so, last week at the MTC has taken forever... and i'm so glad that it is almost over! Only 2 more days until im on a plane south for Argentina, I can't wait!

So, not much happened this week that is different than what I have said in other letters (10+ Hours of class, played some soccer, taught some lessons, etc.). So, sorry if this is a little short.

Starting with last saturday... It was pretty good for once! Normally, p-days are kinda long and not relaxing, but this week I was able to sit down and rest for a time. The temple was good too! I was able to stay awake the entire time, and I got something out of it! After that, we had class for the last time with hermana hutchendorf, and we got pictures with her. It was a bittersweet event, but we have her E-mail, so we can all keep in touch! That night I started to read Jesus the Christ, and already I have learned so much. If you haven't read it before, it is amazing what you can learn. (although, it is pretty deep, and may be hard to understand for some... give it a try though!)

Sunday though was pretty good! I studied about Christlike attributes a lot and I found A lot of ways that I can improve in those aspects of my life. Also at Devo, instead of having a speaker, the Nashville Tribute Band did a concert for us! We got to sing with them in the choir, and It was a really cool, once in a lifetime experience. Especially at the MTC (since they had never done anything like this before!)

Monday, Elder buckway and I taught our first bad lesson. We taught one of the new mock investigators and we didn't ever answer any of his questions. But, we talked for a while after the lesson about how we could improve, and the lesson with him later this week went a lot better.

Tuesday, I fell asleep during study time! Honestly haven't had a full night's sleep this entire stay at the MTC, always waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning and can never go back to sleep. I don't like it, but It is what it is here at the MTC.

The highlight of Wednesday was at night, we had a tie draft with about 40 people in our apartment. So i guess I should explain that. So, in order to get into the tie draft, you need to submit one of your ties (6 or higher on the tie scale) and you put your name into a box. All the ties submitted are laid out on the floor and someone pulls names out of the box. when your name is called, you get to pick one of the ties! So, it is a bit of a risk, if you put in a decent tie, but get called last, you are likely going to get a tie that you don't want. You get your name called first, you get a good tie! I was somewhere in the middle, but I still got a decent purple tie!

Thursday was our last class with Hermano Voss, another sad day. At the same time it was pretty funny, because He finally spoke in english to us! it is funny because when he speaks in spanish, he has an accent. When he speaks in english, that accent is gone. So we have heard him in this spanish accent for 6 weeks, and finally hear him speak normal english. To us it was pretty funny anyways.

We have decided though that anything here in the MTC that is funny, would not be funny at all outside of it. For example, some of us (not me) have decided to take the spoons from the MTC cafeteria and put them in peoples pockets without them noticing. For example, Elder paxton is walking down a hallway, sneaks a spoon into an elder's pocket, get's halfway down the stairs at the end of the hallway, and he hears "HEY, SOMEONE PUT A SPOON IN MY POCKET!".

so, yeah. That is what fun is in the MTC.

Friday was in field orientation. Which was them trying to get us excited to go out. after 6 weeks at the MTC though, it was pretty tough. But that started at 8 that morning and ended at 5 at night. So all day of speakers and that really wore down on me and I was pretty out of it the rest of the day.

But now it is today! and I am pretty excited to pack and get ready to leave on monday! I will try to check my Email tomorrow if anyone leaves their number for me to call while I am waiting at the airport ( I have, like, 3 hour layovers, help me out!)

Until then, I hope you all are doing well! I can't wait to speak to those who have given me their numbers, And I am so excited to be in Argentina in 3 days! (after traveling :( )

God be with you!

Elder Z


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