August 1, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Buckway

Week 3!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I hope that you all are doing well and that you and your families are OK. I want to apologize for such a short email last week since I didn't have all that much time as I thought that I did.

Next! Starting from last P-day, being able to go to the temple each week is an amazing experience. This week as well, I felt that afterwards, I was feeling the spirit so strongly, and I Thought that I was glowing! I probably wasn't, but I felt so happy and so full of the spirit the rest of that day. My prayers have been becoming more sincere and I know that God is looking out for me.

Sunday though was a bit of a different story. I wont say too much about why, but during the devotional, the speaker spoke about being here on a mission. he talked about distractions, why we are serving, the work of the devil casting doubts into our minds, and also about how if we were not worthy to be there, then we needed to fix that before going any further. It shook a lot of us and many in my district had doubts. But, I was able to speak to them, by the spirit, comforting them, and exhorting them to pray for God's strength. Honestly I was Shaking by the end of our discussion together.

Monday, things got back to normal, and we got to do some service early in the morning cleaning other buildings. After that Elder Buckway and I got to teach a new investigator! Well, really it was just our Teacher Hermana Hachendorf acting as an investigator, but in order to learn from these we need to act as if they are real investigators. the lesson went OK, but I actually taught quite a bit of the lesson in Spanish.

On Tuesday, we got to teach Jose again (not sure if I mentioned him in the last letter, but he is an investigator we are teaching. We think he really is a real investigator, but we aren't sure yet.) The lesson went really well, even though we didn't really teach anything that we had planned to teach. We committed him to read and pray about the book of Mormon, and to be baptized. On Thursday we taught him again, and we taught him more about the first vision. He asked us at one point "Why did God choose Joseph smith to restore his gospel? he is white!" We panicked for a moment in our limited Spanish trying to explain why God chooses whomever he will. I found a scripture in 2nd nephi, saying how God Loves everyone, no matter who they are and what they have done. He was satisfied with that scripture luckly.

I Also realized Tuesday that I was focusing too much on things outside the MTC, or worldly things rather than focusing on the work. For example, Monday I was Talking to Elder Broman, someone in our district, about Physics for a good hour where we could have been studying. Elder Buckway and I committed to not get distracted for more than 2 minutes, then back to work! hopefully we can be successful in that.

On wednesday, I prayed A lot for the ability to focus on working and studying. We got to teach another new investigator! Well, it was just Hermano Voss, acting as an investigator, but again, it did make it less real. We taught him about the restoration, and he was really receptive to our message. The spirit was there and we were able to teach really well!

Thursday and Friday were just not great days. To start, I had asked God in prayer how I could learn to become more humble, so that I could be more receptive to the spirit. Unfortunately, he heard that prayer too. (joking!!!)
First - 6 am service scrubbing walls in classrooms. the least enjoyable job for service day.
Second - Our lesson with Jose, he told us how less pushy we were teaching than other missionaries, and that he really enjoyed that. He is super humble, and that in turn made me humble.
Third - we taught member lessons, and those members didn't hold back in their spanish. It made me realize how much I still have to learn till I am even close to being able to speak the language.
Fourth- plus a couple more experiences on thrusday that taught me to laugh at myself.
Fifth- Firday. My worst day here at the MTC. I finally broke down due to the language and I had to come to God in open prayer, pouring my heart to him. That is finally when I learned to be humble to him.

The rest of friday was recovering from that. We taught Hermana Hachendorf, or Lilia, again and the spirit really was working in me. I was able to teach her, comfort her, and know what to say to her because of the spirit. We taught her about prayer and the Book of Mormon, and she prayed for us. it was a great experience.

So, that was this week. 10+ hours of class every day, and it is amazing what I have learned and experienced so far.

Oh! and I also saw a Good friend of mine from school who had entered the MTC 3 days ago. She is going to Texas, english, but It was really good to see someone that I knew.

All I ask from you all are your thoughts and your prayers for me. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for any of you! My thoughts and prayers are for you, and that God will comfort you. I miss you all!

May God be with us!

Elder Z


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